…providing game-changing acceleration in pharmaceutical research and development processes that lead to expedited drug development timelines 

PROVO, Utah – Axcend today announced the newest addition to its line-up of eco-friendly, compact, and portable HPLC instruments and accessories. The Axcend Reaction Monitoring Solution is the first Process Analytical Technology (PAT) using a high performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) that is small enough to be placed in a fume hood and immediately adjacent to a reaction vessel. The automated system is capable of unattended sampling, identification, and quantification of reaction components, enabling scientists to monitor a chemical reaction in near real time.

Axcend’s reaction monitoring system consists of the Axcend Focus LC®, Focus SampleBox, and Axcend cartridge containing a column oven and UV-absorption detector. Engineered to deliver the speed, precision and versatility scientists need to expedite their research, it provides near real-time information to accelerate drug discovery and development.

Scientists can now take the lab to the sample source vs. sending samples to the lab and waiting for results. Pharmaceutical manufacturing is highly automated and without PAT, drug discovery and development is crippled. While online measurements are usually accomplished in seconds to minutes, manual measurements can take hours (atline) to days (offline) and require considerable operator involvement. Online measurements usually take place automatically and are vital to reducing the processes of drug discovery and testing.

“Our mission is to provide advantages to customers wanting to dramatically reduce the time, cost and complexity of their analytical workload,” said Axcend CEO Greg Ward. “That’s why we’re extremely excited to introduce the Axcend Reaction Monitoring Solution to our pharmaceutical and chemical research and development customers.”

Axcend will provide demonstrations of its Focus LC, Focus SampleBox and Reaction Monitoring Solution at the San Diego Convention Center during Pittcon 2024, booth #2339.

About Axcend, LLC

Axcend is a provider of innovative, compact, and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems. These solutions allow scientists to deliver HPLC Anywhere® and provide dramatic improvements in portability, ease-of-operation, and sample-to-result speed, as well as being convenient to deploy and couple to other analytical systems.

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