Bio-Link and Verdot Forge Strategic Partnership to Advance Bioprocessing Technologies in China

Bio-Link, a prominent Chinese bioprocessing company, and the French downstream bioprocessing company Verdot signed a strategic partnership agreement that marks a significant step forward in the field of biopharmaceutical manufacturing. The collaboration will see Bio-Link become the major distributor for Verdot’s innovative chromatography columns in the Chinese market. The partnership was facilitated by Cathay Capital as it leveraged its extensive European network and market reputation to strengthen the collaboration.

This partnership brings together Bio-Link’s extensive knowledge of the bioprocessing market in China and Verdot’s cutting-edge chromatography technologies, including their distinctive expertise in large-scale columns.

Charles Ruban, the President and CEO of Verdot, stated, “Bio-Link is a rising force within the Chinese life science industry, and has a strong reputation within the field of bioprocessing. Bio-Link’s commitment to excellence and their strong market presence make them the perfect partner for our innovative bioprocessing technologies. Together, we aim to empower biopharmaceutical companies in China with advanced solutions that drive efficiency and quality, particularly for large-scale and commercial production.”

Chen Zhi, Chairman and President of Bio-Link, expressed, “By integrating Verdot’s chromatography columns into our product portfolio, we aim to enhance the efficiency and performance of bioprocessing workflows. Verdot consistently drives the development of new biotherapeutic approaches with high-quality products, increasing the accessibility of biopharmaceuticals. We hope that this collaboration can promote industry progress and benefit more patients.”

Bio-Link and Verdot will employ their respective strengths to facilitate the global exchange of cutting-edge technologies, increase market penetration, promote high-quality products, and heighten awareness and customer adoption. Ultimately, this will foster a strong collaborative effort within the bioprocessing industry.

This collaboration is expected to enhance industry technology, reduce production costs of biotherapeutic products, and extend biopharmaceutical advancements to a broader population, increasing the quality of life for more people.


About Bio-Link

Bio-Link Biological Applied Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Bio-Link) is a group of technology-driven businesses that provide products and process solutions in the life sciences industry. The company focuses on the development and production of the key processing equipment and materials for vaccines, antibodies, cell therapies, gene therapies and other biological products. Bio-Link’s portfolio of offerings cover the entire upstream and downstream bioprocess such as cell culture, single-use mixing and storage, chromatography purification, filtration and ultrafiltration, as well as process development services. Bio-Link is committed to providing customers with high-quality, innovative products and solutions and strives to build an efficient, safe and competitive biopharmaceutical supply chain eco-system.

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