San Francisco, California – Biocare Medical, a leader in fully open automated instrumentation, announces a collaboration with Molecular Instruments® (MI), the inventor of the HCR™ Imaging technology. This partnership brings together Biocare Medical’s expertise in automated bioimaging systems with MI’s suite of advanced HCR™ Products, setting a new standard in automated in situ hybridization (ISH) and immunohistochemistry (IHC).

Molecular Instruments®: Inventor of the HCR™ Platform: Molecular Instruments®, the market disruptor in bioimaging and ISH reagents, brings to the table their patented HCR™ Imaging technology. This technology is widely acclaimed for its array of robust features including mild sample preparation with no protease digestion, isothermal amplification at room temperature, and availability with both fluorescent and brightfield imaging. The HCR™ RNA-ISH assay, a flagship application of this technology, is optimized to preserve tissue morphology and integrates seamlessly with existing IHC/IF workflows. With HCR™ RNA-ISH, researchers can target any RNA sequence in any sample with exceptional performance, speed, and versatility.

Biocare Medical’s ONCORE Pro X: A Paradigm in Automation: Recognized as a leader in automated instrumentation, Biocare Medical’s ONCORE Pro X exemplifies innovation and versatility. Designed to accommodate a wide range of assays, the ONCORE Pro X is now poised to harness the capabilities of MI’s HCR™ Platform, offering unparalleled flexibility and precision in bioimaging and ISH applications for unlimited research potential.

Synergizing Strengths for Advanced Bioimaging: The integration of MI’s HCR™ Platform into Biocare Medical’s ONCORE Pro X instrument represents a synergy of strengths. Biocare Medical’s commitment to open and versatile automation perfectly complements MI’s novel approach to bioimaging. Together, they are set to redefine what is possible in automated bioimaging, expanding capabilities in academic research, drug development, and clinical diagnostics.

A New Era in Bioimaging: By integrating Biocare Medical’s advanced automated instrumentation with the revolutionary HCR™ Platform from Molecular Instruments, researchers can now harness the power of the ONCORE Pro. This advancement allows for faster turnaround times and bolsters high throughput efficiency, all made possible by the comprehensive automation provided by the ONCORE Pro. With this powerful combination, targeting any RNA sequence in any sample is more efficient than ever, delivering unmatched performance, speed, and versatility. This partnership is poised to unlock new possibilities and set benchmarks in precision, efficiency, and versatility.


HCR™ RNA-CISH assay on the ONCORE Pro using the Warp Red chromogen

About Biocare Medical
Biocare Medical is a global leader in solutions for cancer research and diagnostics, providing world-class reagents, including tissue-conserving simultaneous Multiplex IHC antibody cocktails and detections; renowned Customer Care; and a comprehensive suite of advanced instrumentation for IHC, molecular, and histology testing. Customers include clinical anatomic pathology laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and biotechnology companies as well as academic, government, military, and other non-profit laboratories. Biocare’s reagent portfolio includes primary antibodies, Multiplex IHC, and FISH probes for target indications. Biocare also offers a unique line of polymer detections for clinical, human, and animal research that deliver high sensitivity and exceptionally low background. The Company’s advanced automated instrument platforms, intelliPATH+, ONCORE Pro and ONCORE Pro X have been designed to meet every need from high throughput clinical diagnostics to flexible research requirements.

About Molecular Instruments
Molecular Instruments® (MI) develops and synthesizes kits powered by its innovative HCR™ Platform for bioimaging applications in academic research, drug development, and clinical pathology and diagnostics. MI offers products for automated and manual chromogenic and fluorescence in situ hybridization (ISH) assays, featuring a protease-free workflow, native compatibility with existing IHC/IF assays, and straightforward image analysis. HCR™ Products are designed to be accessible to all researchers with complimentary introductory starter kits, free custom probe design, and pricing that makes sense.

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