BioDoc-It Imaging System Seen Around the World

Upland, CA … UVP’s BioDoc-It™ Imaging System was recently spotted on hit TV show Heroes. Not only is this show released in the United States, but England and many other countries as well. In addition to Heroes, the BioDoc-It system has been used in other TV shows. The system’s popularity is due to its compact size and the visual appeal with the ability to show DNA gels on the LCD screen.

Outside of the TV world, laboratory researchers around the world regularly use the BioDoc-It Imaging System for visualizing and documenting DNA stained with fluorescent Ethidium Bromide. To visualize the DNA stained gel, the gel is placed on an ultraviolet transilluminator where distinct bands in the DNA become visible with the fluorescent stain. The system’s high resolution camera takes a picture of the fluorescent gel and displays the image on the screen. Researchers can then save the image for documentation, presentation or analysis.

For information on the BioDoc-It Imaging System, contact UVP’s US office at (800) 452-6788 or UK office at +44(0)1223-420022 or go to for information.


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