BioTools announces a collaboration with Schrödinger aimed at accelerating the discovery and development of chiral small molecule therapeutics

Florida, USA – BioTools, the pioneer in vibrational circular dichroism (VCD)
technology and provider of proprietary instrumentation and analytical services for structure
elucidation of chiral molecules, announces a collaboration with Schrödinger, Inc., whose
physics-based software platform is transforming the way therapeutics and materials are
discovered, to help chemists expedite the determination of the critical three-dimensional
stereo structure.

A molecule with a chiral center exists in one of two mirror-image forms (stereoconfigurations) which can exhibit different biological properties. Identification of the
molecule’s stereo-configuration, or handedness, is known as the determination of the
absolute configuration. It can be achieved via VCD technology, which includes both
experimental measurements and theoretically predicted results.

BioTools revolutionized the determination of the absolute configuration through commercialization of VCD instrumentation. For over 21 years, the VCD method has been proven to be a highly reliable, easier, quicker alternative or replacement to traditional X-Ray crystallography. The VCD technology does not require a single crystal, unlike crystallography, and only needs a very low quantity of material (2-10 mg) that can be easily recovered. VCD has been published as a standard method in the US Pharmacopeia, Chapters <782> and <1782>, and approximately 10,000 absolute configurations have now been determined with VCD. Currently, VCD is being used by virtually all major pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Schrödinger recognizes the importance of the VCD technology for the determination of
chirality and remains dedicated to delivering and periodically improving its seamless VCD
computational workflow. Combining BioTools experimental results with those of
calculations through Schrödinger’s workflow based on the fast quantum chemistry engine
Jaguar will allow chemists to determine the absolute configuration rapidly and effortlessly.

“BioTools is known worldwide for their knowledge and expertise in the field of VCD. We are
very pleased to have had an opportunity to work with their scientists to deliver this refined
capability in our digital chemistry platform.” – Mathew D. Halls, Senior Vice President,
Materials Science, Schrödinger Inc.

“Schrödinger’s drug discovery platform and its user base are an ideal match for our
instrumentation and vision of bringing VCD to every pharmaceutical company and academic
institution. We have seen a significant increase in Schrödinger’s customers requesting
experimental spectra. The VCD implementation in Jaguar is a great step forward for the
field.” – BioTools, President & Co-Founder, Dr. Rina Dukor

About BioTools
BioTools is a life sciences tools company that revolutionized characterization technology for
the most important therapeutics of our time – chiral small molecules and biologics. The
breakthrough analytical techniques developed by the company provide molecular structure
information which governs safety and efficacy – analyzed in a fraction of a time compared to
traditional methodology.

BioTools product offerings include instrumentation, specialized CRO services, and unique
software and accessories. The products are used globally by most of the world’s top 100
pharmaceutical companies, renowned academic institutions, and government laboratories,
including the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Founded in 2000, BioTools has R&D, sales, customer support, contract research lab and
manufacturing facilities in Jupiter, Florida, and two international divisions, BioTools Europe,
headquartered in the United Kingdom, and BioTools China, headquartered in
Dalian. BioTools’ co-founders and products have been recognized by numerous
International Awards, including the R&D 100 Top Innovation Award.

For more information, visit or contact us at [email protected].


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