Captivate Bio announces new distribution agreement with NEST Scientific USA

Agreement expands reach of cell culture labware for researchers and clinicians in the life sciences.

WATERTOWN, Mass.)–Captivate Bio, a leading scientific supplier to the life sciences industry, announced today a significant step in its commitment to providing cutting-edge cell culture and labware solutions to its customers. Captivate Bio will enter into a non-exclusive distribution agreement with NEST Scientific USA, a leading manufacturer of plasticware.

“We are extremely excited about this partnership,” said Tanya Potcova, Captivate Bio’s Chief Executive Officer. “With our mission to empower researchers with the products and services they need to make our world a better place, adding labware products alongside our cell culture media and supplements is an important step in fulfilling that mission.”

With over 200 new products added to its portfolio, Captivate Bio will distribute NEST branded labware including cell culture flasks, tubes, pipets, dishes, plates, and bioprocessing tools, across the North American market. All cell culture plastics are available in various sizes, formats, and surface treatments.


Captivate Bio is a scientific solutions provider offering best-in-class customer service, high-quality cell culture products, and media manufacturing services to the stem cell research and therapeutic industries. Our current products include classical media, salt solutions, human platelet lysate, animal sera, cytokines and growth factors, and small molecule kits including the very first CET Cocktail pack for those working with MSCs, hPSCs, NK cells, T cells and more.

Our services include product fulfillment and distribution services for industry partners, custom reagent sourcing (research and clinical-grade reagents), and custom media manufacturing. Located in Watertown, Massachusetts, Captivate Bio has over 40 years’ experience developing tools for the life science industry.

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