Cayman and Navinci Announce Strategic Partnership Expanding Access to Next-Generation Tools for Spatial Proteomics

Ann Arbor, MI – Global life sciences supplier Cayman Chemical (Cayman) announced today a strategic partnership with Navinci Diagnostics (Navinci), a Swedish biotechnology company developing innovative tools for spatial proteomics. This partnership expands access to Navinci’s portfolio of proximity ligation-based solutions for spatial proteomics to US- and Canada-based researchers through Cayman’s strong customer base and catalog of over 20,000 products.

Navinci’s expanding product line is built on the Naveni® Proximity Ligation Technology. This pioneering technology offers researchers an invaluable asset, enabling them to unlock the intricate functionality of proteins and gain profound insights into the biology of diseases and biological processes. With unrivaled precision and reliability, Navinci empowers researchers to maximize the information obtained from each analysis. Through the visualization and quantification of proteins, their interactions, and modifications in situ at the molecular level, Navinci’s products facilitate a comprehensive understanding of biological mechanisms in cells and tissues, including FFPE tissue.

The proprietary in situ kits offered by Navinci are available in five product categories. Flexible products, including NaveniFlex®, Naveni® TriFlex and NaveniBright® are designed to give researchers flexibility in target selection and experimental design. Target-specific products, including Naveni® PTMs (post-translational modifications) and Naveni® PPI (protein-protein interaction), are ready-to-use kits that feature an optimized primary antibody detection system and all reagents required for the assay. Options are available for fluorescent or chromogenic detection and cells or tissue samples.

Image showing three images of PD1/PD-L1 interaction in tissue using Navinci products

Navinci is continuously expanding its product portfolio. The latest additions are the Naveni® PD1/PD-L1 kits. These groundbreaking assays mark a significant milestone as the first commercially available tools for detecting and visualizing the interaction of PD1 and PD-L1 in situ. Designed with a specific focus on accuracy and precision, the Naveni® PD1/PD-L1 kits provide researchers with invaluable insights into immune checkpoint activation and a comprehensive visualization of the tumor microenvironment. With the potential to enable precise patient stratification and enhance disease knowledge, these kits showcase Navinci’s commitment to driving advancements in the field.

“We are excited that, by adding the Navinci product line to our catalog, we can help researchers discover breakthroughs and uncover new therapies,” said Karin Dunbar, Director of Marketing at Cayman. “Cayman is at the forefront of providing life science researchers with cutting-edge tools, and Navinci’s products compliments our expanding portfolio of products and contract services well.”

Subham Basu, Ph.D., Navinci Chief Business Officer, said, “We are very excited to work with Cayman to expand our reach and ensure that all US and Canadian researchers interested in spatial proteomics can benefit from our targeted and flex assays. We look forward to co-promotional activities and especially welcome the chance to engage with our customers via Cayman at road shows and other live events.”

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The complete collection of Navinci products is available through Cayman online.

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