Celtarys and G.CLIPS join forces to revolutionize transmembrane proteins characterization in drug discovery.

A major bottleneck in drug discovery, particularly when targeting transmembrane proteins such as G-coupled receptor proteins (GPCRs), is the challenge of replicating in vitro the precise microenvironment conditions found inside a cell. These conditions are essential for maintaining the native conformation and normal activity of these proteins.

To address this critical issue, Celtarys and G.CLIPS are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking new partnership.

Thanks to their exclusive technology that allows for precise control over the organization of the lipidic environment surrounding Membrane Proteins (MP) and determine their conformation, G.CLIPS will enable the expression, production, and stabilization of complex transmembrane proteins in selected conformations.

On the other side, Celtarys will contribute by providing highly selective fluorescent ligands specifically designed to target the chosen conformation of MPs.

This unique approach consolidates all the necessary tools required to validate and characterize potential new drug candidates for complex transmembrane ligands in a single solution.

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