Curio Bioscience Reports Clarifying Decision From European Unified Patent Court (UPC)

Court finds non-infringement by Curio Seeker with respect to over-reaching claim by 10x Genomics

PALO ALTO, Calif. —-Curio Bioscience, a leading innovator of high-precision tools for the life sciences industry, today announced that a decision in a court case has been made.

The European Unified Patent Court (UPC) today announced a finding that Curio Seeker does not infringe main claim 1 of EP 2697391 asserted by 10x Genomics (NASDAQ: TXG). The UPC has also ordered Curio Bioscience not to offer any product that would violate claim 14 of the ‘391 patent in France, Germany, and Sweden. Accordingly, Curio Bioscience will comply with the order and expects no impact to its commercial business.

This ruling is restricted to the three countries mentioned and does not affect Curio’s activities elsewhere, nor does it impact other Curio products.

The decision arises from 10x’s request for provisional measures and is open to appeal. The main action remains pending.

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