Curio Bioscience Responds to Lawsuit

PALO ALTO, Calif. — Curio Bioscience is a leading innovator of high-precision tools for the life sciences industry. Our Curio Seeker product enables whole transcriptome, spatial mapping of fresh frozen tissue at industry-leading resolution and represents the next stage of innovation from our team’s inventions of the microarray, stochastic barcoding (unique molecular identifiers), and single cell and spatial tagging and analysis. Our team’s inventions of spatial localization of biological targets using barcoding were documented over 15 years ago.

We believe that fair competition is a key component to innovation, and we embrace the motivation that it provides for creating the newest and highest-performing products for our customers, while keeping experiment costs reasonable and pushing the frontiers of science to the greatest extent possible.

Some companies do not share this sentiment. We have become the latest target in a string of attacks by a company (10x Genomics, NASDAQ: TXG) with a history of bringing litigation against smaller, innovating companies.

We are confident that we do not infringe the patents that 10x is asserting against us and believe that they will be found invalid. We will vigorously defend against 10x’s allegations.

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