EditCo Bio, Inc. Unveils Novel Knockout CD4+ T-cell Pools to Transform Cancer and Autoimmune Research

Novel approach to primary T-cell editing through CRISPR-mediated gene engineering offers a scalable, precise solution for laboratories conducting primary immune research

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. –EditCo Bio, Inc., a pioneer at the forefront of genome engineering innovation, today announced the launch of its Knockout CD4+ T-cell Pools. This latest addition to EditCo Bio’s product lineup marks a significant leap forward in CRISPR-mediated gene editing, providing the scientific community with an advanced tool for primary T-cell editing that surpasses the capabilities of traditional methodologies.

With the advent of CRISPR-Cas9 technology, genetic engineering has entered a new era of precision, particularly in the realm of primary immune cell editing. T-cells, pivotal in the immune response, hold immense promise for elucidating the pathways of various diseases, including cancer and autoimmune conditions. Yet, conventional T-cell editing techniques have often fallen short, plagued by scalability issues and inconsistent outcomes.

Leveraging the power of EditCo Bio’s cutting-edge, automated platform, researchers can now bypass the challenging optimization steps and access highly functional edited T-cells ready for immediate use. This innovation not only accelerates the journey from research discovery to clinical application but also delivers several key benefits:

Rapid Results: A novel 7-day protocol harnesses EditCo Bio’s unique multi-guide technology to achieve knockout efficiencies beyond 90% in primary human CD4+ T-cells.

Dependable Performance: Post-editing, CD4+ cell pools maintain over 80% viability before cryopreservation and can expand 40-fold over 14 days, regardless of TCR stimulation.

Optimal Functionality: After cryo-recovery, these CD4+ T-cell pools exhibit remarkable functional integrity, matching control cells in IL2, IFNG, and TNFA protein production post-PMA/ionomycin stimulation. Further, cultured cells retain over 90% viability and maintain editing efficiency for at least 14 days.

“For too long, the potential of primary T-cell editing has been constrained by the technical limitations of existing methods,” said Travis Maures, CSO of EditCo Bio. “With the launch of our Knockout CD4+ T-cell Pools, EditCo Bio is breaking down these barriers, offering researchers the precision, efficiency, and scalability needed to advance the frontiers of immunotherapy and cellular research while allowing them the benefit of bypassing tedious protocol optimization. This innovation is a testament to our commitment to empowering scientists worldwide, driving forward the possibilities of gene editing to address some of the most pressing challenges in research today.”

The introduction of Knockout CD4+ T-cell Pools is a strategic extension of EditCo Bio’s comprehensive Engineered Cell portfolio. It further solidifies the company’s position as a leader in cell engineering solutions that includes knockout and knock-in technologies for immortalized cells and iPSCs. EditCo Bio plans to expand the range of its edited primary cells products beyond CD4+ T-cells into other primary cell subsets that will be commercially available to researchers worldwide later this year.

For more information regarding EditCo Bio’s CD4+ T-cell Pools, visit www.EditCo.bio/contact.

About EditCo Bio, Inc.

EditCo Bio is a pioneer in the development of cells as reagents. The company began as the gene editing business at Synthego and, through that experience, has gained a deeper understanding of the critical role that high-quality, easily accessible reagents play in advancing scientific discoveries. EditCo is bringing the same ease of ordering, reliability, and rapid delivery to the biology of engineered cells. This new direction promises to transform how engineered cells are accessed and utilized in research, making them as efficacious and as reproducible as traditional reagents. To learn more about EditCo Bio, visit our website at www.EditCo.bio.

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