eLabNext: The Digital Backbone of Colossal Biosciences’ Mammoth Revival Mission

BOSTON, MA — In the wake of widespread media attention surrounding Colossal Biosciences’ ambitious de-extinction efforts, eLabNext, a pioneer in digital lab solutions, is proud to spotlight its instrumental role in supporting the groundbreaking research aimed at reviving the woolly mammoth. eLabNext’s flagship software, eLabJournal has been a critical tool for the management of complex data and workflows associated with Colossal Biosciences’ historic scientific endeavor.

Colossal’s efforts to bring back extinct and protect existing species, which recently captured the fascination of Joe Rogan, highlights how innovative genetic engineering approaches and digital tools can revolutionize conservation and revive ancient genetic diversity in modern ecosystems. eLabNext’s technology has been vital in enabling Colossal Biosciences’ team to efficiently track, manage, and analyze the vast amounts of data generated by their research.

“With our data results centralized through eLabNext’s platform, they’re easily accessible by the AI and machine learning teams. We generate so much data, and it’s all untapped potential,” says Eriona Hysolli, Head of Colossal’s biology division and leader of the woolly mammoth project. “Our goal is to construct an end-to-end scientific pipeline for de-extinction. People are beginning to recognize the immense value genetic technologies offer to the conservation toolkit.”

The announcement on February 21st of the filming of a multiyear docuseries featuring Colossal Biosciences further underscores the captivating nature of this research. It promises to offer an inside look at the challenges and breakthroughs faced by the team as they work toward their monumental goal.

In a groundbreaking development, Colossal’s scientific team has achieved a significant breakthrough by reprogramming Asian elephant cells into induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), a crucial step in the mammoth revival mission. This achievement marks a pivotal advancement in the endeavor to bring back the extinct mammoth species. The next phase of the project involves the transformation of elephant iPSCs into sperm and egg cells, which will then undergo the 22-month Asian elephant gestation period, bringing Colossal one step closer to its ultimate objective of resurrecting the woolly mammoth.

“Colossal Biosciences’ mission and approach makes science fun and exciting,” says Zareh Zurabyan, Head of eLabNext, Americas, an Eppendorf Group company. “In an era where visuals dominate the science, we are excited to see how the upcoming docuseries and Colossal’s next big breakthrough will inspire the next generation of biochemists, bioinformaticians, and computational biologists to focus on value-driven science projects. I am personally very excited about how data-driven Colossal is. Working on developing their overall Digital Lab Strategy has been exhilarating!”

Colossal Biosciences’ work is not just about bringing back extinct species; it’s about innovating for the future of conservation and biodiversity. Colossal co-founder and serial biotech entrepreneur George Church added, “It’s terrific to have such a nature-focused, esteemed, and thoughtful team capturing Colossal’s journey to help endangered species via ancient genetic diversity, environmental restoration, and conservation.”

About eLabNext  

eLabNext is the most comprehensive Digital Lab Platform (DLP) designed to cater to life science lab operations in both academia and industry. From R&D to analytics and diagnostics, the platform enhances workflows with features like Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN) and Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) for sample, inventory, and equipment management. eLabNext is built on a true open ecosystem featuring a marketplace with a wide range of add-ons. Further enriched by advanced Data Science capabilities that are future-proof, eLabNext redefines the modern laboratory experience.

About Colossal Biosciences

Colossal Biosciences was founded by emerging technology and software entrepreneur Ben Lamm and world-renowned geneticist and serial biotech entrepreneur George Church, Ph.D.  Colossal creates disruptive technologies for extinct species restoration, critically endangered species protection, and the repopulation of critical ecosystems that support the continuation of life on Earth.  Colossal is accepting humanity’s duty to restore Earth to a healthier state while also solving for the future economies and biological necessities of the human condition through cutting-edge science and technologies.


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