Elemental Scientific Inc. Announces the Acquisition of iolite Data Reduction Software

iolite LA-ICP-MS Data Reduction Software is now part of Elemental Scientific, enabling supply of a complete applications solution to our clients’ challenges

OMAHA, NEBRASKA, UNITED STATES — Elemental Scientific Inc is pleased to announce the acquisition of iolite data reduction software from the University of Melbourne, Australia. iolite is widely considered the most powerful and intuitive solution for a range of LA-ICP-MS applications, including elemental imaging and geochronology.

iolite was developed with a focus to provide a flexible, but powerful, visualisation environment to process time-resolved mass spectrometry data. Innovative approaches to data reduction are combined with cutting-edge research to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective tool for generating quality results.

“We’re all so excited about combining iolite’s data analysis strengths with ESI’s hardware excellence. This acquisition will benefit all, in that under the Elemental Scientific banner, we can create software and hardware that works together seamlessly” said Ciaran O’Connor, Elemental Scientific Lasers General Manager.

“For a long time, Joe and I have been trying to do everything ourselves to develop, support and manage iolite. This acquisition will free up, and provide additional resources, enabling us to focus on developing the next generation of fully integrated hardware and software” remarked Bence Paul, iolite Product Manager.

iolite is the only time-resolved mass spectrometry software package that handles everything from basic trace element experiments, right through to imaging, geochronology and isotopic systems … with the ability to fully (or partially) automate the entire process.

“Working with ESI’s applications team and customer base will give us access to more data and customer feedback to help us achieve our goal of making iolite the best data reduction software available” said Joe Petrus, lead developer of iolite. “After 15 years at university, iolite is graduating!”

About Elemental Scientific Lasers LLC
For more than 20 years, the Elemental Scientific Lasers team has been an expert in laser ablation, serving the LA-ICP-MS market by supplying innovative laser ablation products for solid sample introduction.

Elemental Scientific Lasers has a range of products to meet the diverse needs of ICP-MS users and the vastly different applications that they perform. From the NWR266macro, designed with industrial bulk analysis in mind, to the imageBIO266, with its sub 1 micron laser spot designed for bioimaging at the cellular level, Elemental Scientific Lasers has a solution to meet your requirements.

iolite V4 is available for download from https://iolite.xyz and www.icpmslasers.com

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