Flow Line Options Acquires MEM Flow Meters for Liquid, Gas and Steam Measurement

Cleveland, OH, January 2, 2007 — Flow Line Options Corp. announced today that it has acquired inventory and all rights to the Meter Equipment manufacturing (MEM) flowmeter product line. MEM flow meters were renowned for their tough, simple and accurate flow measurement, but have been unavailable since April 2006. Flow Line will resume manufacturing of these direct reading flowmeters in the first quarter of 2007.

Flow Line Options has been a distributor and manufacturer of fluid process instrumentation for over 18 years. For much of that time, one of its key product lines included MEM Flowmeters, both under the original owner, Meter Equipment Manufacturing, Inc., and subsequent owner, ROL, Inc. When ROL ceased operations in April 2006, it left a void in Flow Line’s product line.

MEM Flow Meters measure the flow rate of a wide variety of fluids, including water, oils, coolants, compressed air and gases, vacuum, combustion gases and atmospheres, steam, acids, and caustics. In addition to mechanical rate of flow measurement, the meters offer options for total and grand totals, mass outputs, 4-20mA remote readouts, alarms and flow switches, plus custom engineered flowmetering systems.

About Flow Line Options Corp.

Flow Line Options was incorporated in the State of Ohio in 1988, and is located near Cleveland. The corporation started with the purpose of representing a small number of manufacturers focused in the marketing and service of instrumentation to municipal, electrical and industrial markets. These include Steel, Automotive, Petro-Chemical, Food, Consumer Health Care, Municipal, Regulated and Non-Regulated Utilities.

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