GE Healthcare introduces HiTrap™ Capto™ IEX Selection Kit for chromatography media selection

GE Healthcare has introduced the HiTrap™ Capto™ IEX Selection Kit, a set of prepacked HiTrap 1 ml columns used for selecting the best Capto ion exchange chromatography media for a given application. The kit allows for fast, easy screening of three traditional and two multimodal ion exchange chromatography media prior to scale-up.

The kit consists of five different high capacity ion exchange and multimodal ion exchange media based on the Capto highly rigid agarose base matrix. After selecting the best chromatography medium for a target protein, larger prepacked columns and bulk media for preparative purification work are available from GE Healthcare, allowing for easy scale-up. Screenings and purifications can be easily performed using a peristaltic pump, or a chromatography system such as ÄKTAdesign™.

Capto is GE Healthcare’s proprietary ion exchange chromatography media range, offering a combination of high-volume throughput and high capacity for fast and efficient purification of large amounts of protein.

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