Haier Biomedical Supports Boston Biopharmaceuticals

Located on the Atlantic coast of northeastern United States, Boston is renowned as the medical hub, with the health services industry serving as its primary pillar and the biotechnology sector standing out prominently. Massachusetts alone boasts over 550 biotech and pharmaceutical companies, contributing to thousands of new drugs in the pipeline, accounting for 6% of the world’s drug programs.


Boston Biopharmaceuticals has selected Haier Biomedical due to its stellar international reputation and positive product feedback, and will deploy Haier Biomedical’s full line of products in its newly expanded laboratory for drug discovery and medical research. Recently, Boston Biopharmaceuticals’ laboratory ordered a batch of experimental equipment from Haier Biomedical, including products such as dual-system ultra-low temperature freezers, pharmacy refrigerator, cryo freezers, and incubators, all of which have yielded excellent and superior performance during the trial operation, increasing Boston Biopharmaceuticals’ confidence in Haier Biomedical. Therefore, plans are in place for another order of Biological Safety Cabinets, solidifying their intention for long-term collaboration in the future.


Haier Biomedical’s medicine cabinet comes equipped with a precise temperature control system that is capable of ensuring a consistent temperature range from 2ºC to 8ºC with accuracy down to 0.1ºC. The product also adopts an air-cooled structure, and innovative-designed air ducts and air volume, to ensure stable and uniform temperatures inside the cabinet. It also comes with an error alarm system, covering scenarios such as abnormally high or low temperatures, door opening and closing, sensors, power failure, low battery, and remote alarm interface, providing comprehensive vaccine safety protection. Furthermore, it features a high-definition LCD touch screen that offers an intuitive display of storage records, inventory status, temperature data, and more, enabling interactive and visualized management. Immediately after the product was put into use, it received high praise from the executives at Boston Biopharmaceutical Laboratory, emphasizing that the product fully meets their requirements, with intelligent design exceeding their expectations.


 Ultra-low temperature freezers and incubators in the laboratory

Securing the bid for full line of products serves as an example of Haier Biomedical’s prowess and influence in the overseas market. Overall, the company is a global manufacturer and supplier of complete cold chain solutions. Haier Biomedical will continue to actively respond to market challenges, prioritize user needs, and provide global partners with drug safety and security products and services, ultimately introducing an expanding range of new products and scenarios to the world.

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