Hitachi High-Tech Introduces Real View® Polarized Micro Sample Observation Unit for NEXTA® DSC Series, Advancing High-Precision Structural Analysis


Real View® Polarized Micro Sample Observation Unit

Tokyo – Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation (“Hitachi High-Tech Science”), has launched a polarization microscope accessory compatible with the NEXTA® DSC Series of thermal analyzers.

Used in diverse fields for thermal analysis, including polymers, pharma, electronics, chemical, academia, oil and gas, food, and metals, the NEXTA® DSC measures heat flow for material characterization. It provides thermal properties such as melting point, glass transition, and crystallization.

In industries and research facilities developing high-performance materials, Hitachi’s Real View® polarization microscope for NEXTA® DSC optional accessory offers versatility, extending to applications like sample crystal orientation, quality control of multilayer films, and failure analysis.

Enhanced Microscopic Analysis

The Real View® Polarized Micro Sample Observation Unit for NEXTA® DSC is equipped with a 20-megapixel high-resolution camera, providing a 10-fold increase in resolution and a 50-fold digital zoom compared to the standard Real View® camera system. Additionally, controllable polarization technology enhances the contrast in the image, allowing operators to explore the directional dependence – known as anisotropy – of the sample.

The camera unit has a dedicated image processing function specifically designed for polarization observation. The system seamlessly performs layer-by-layer melting point analysis of multi-layer films, using a straightforward operation akin to the NEXTA® DSC series.

These features facilitate high-precision structural analysis of various materials, enabling clear observation of small areas, including abnormalities in multi-layer film quality.

Shinya Nishimura, Product Manager for thermal analyzers at Hitachi High-Tech Science, stated, “Polarized Micro Sample Observation Unit enables thermal analysis of micro areas using a uniquely developed image processing function. This product provides innovative applications and solutions for the R&D and QA/QC markets.”

Olivier Savard, Product Manager for thermal analyzers at Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science Ltd., stated, “The Real View® Polarization Microscope for NEXTA® DSC Series introduces an innovative approach to high-precision structural analysis, expanding the capabilities of differential scanning calorimeters for companies and research laboratories who need to enhanced material characterization.”

*“NEXTA” and “Real View” are registered trademarks of Hitachi High-Tech Science in Japan, the United States, the EU, and other countries.

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