Identifying Imported Counterfeit Drugs

Florida-based company, XStream Systems has begun selling a piece of equipment which can detect counterfeit drugs in the U.S. pharmaceutical supply chain. XStream Systems, Inc. developed a unit to identify dangerous pharmaceuticals circulating within the States to protect the public by authenticating these medications before they reach the consumer.

The threat of Americans swallowing counterfeit medications is increasing each year. The World Health Organization has stated trade in fake medicines is more prevalent in countries with weak drug regulation and enforcement, scarcity or erratic supply of basic medicines, unregulated markets and unaffordable prices. But as counterfeiting becomes more sophisticated, these products are increasingly present even in better controlled markets. Daniel M. Durand, VP of Sales for XStream Systems says “Some undeveloped nations see regions where circulated counterfeit pharmaceutical rates soar into the high 30th percentile – to protect the American public, we need to take action and make sure medications are validated before consumption.”

XStream Systems’ unit authenticates a drug while still in its sealed container. The “fingerprint” of each drug is completely unique, so questionable medications can be compared to the actual drug’s fingerprint. To do this, an operator places a bottle into the unit and presses the “start” button on a touch screen. The molecular crystal structure of the drug is then examined and compared against stored data to receive a “passed” or “failed” message.

To date, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has initiated over 178 criminal investigations of pharmaceutical smuggling. These investigations have targeted over 650 websites and millions of dosage units of counterfeit, adulterated, misbranded and unapproved pharmaceuticals – all available to American consumers.

XStream Systems’ unit is the first of its kind.

XStream Systems produces next-generation equipment for material identification. Their patented systems are based on Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Diffraction (EDXRD) technology. The company’s XT250™ System enables testing of powders, pills AND entire sealed bottles. The equipment’s superior sample penetration allows the identification of contents inside opaque plastic, cardboard and even metal packaging.

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