Introducing the NanoSIMS-HR: The next frontier in nanoanalysis for science & high tech


CAMECA is delighted to announce the launch of the NanoSIMS-HR, successor of the world-acclaimed NanoSIMS 50/50L Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer series which have contributed to major advances in the most diverse fields of fundamental research and industrial innovation: material sciences and semiconductor, geo- and cosmochemistry, plant and soil sciences, environmental microbiology, cell biology and medical research.

With the new NanoSIMS-HR, CAMECA delivers breakthrough instrumental innovations that will boost the versatility of this unique ion microprobe, improve data quality, and enable scientists and engineers to accelerate discovery and innovation under ever increasing workloads and tighter deadlines.

The NanoSIMS-HR offers unprecedented lateral resolution (≤30 nm), superior depth profiling using low impact energy and greatly enhanced throughput with x2.5 faster image acquisition. Last but not least, it comes with a glovebox and cryogenic accessories that will open up to an even broader scope of applications, from life sciences to lithium battery research or the analysis of complex multi-phase fluid inclusions.

Read our NanoSIMS-HR product flyer to learn more!

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