Ionpath Announces Shift Toward Spatial Proteomics Services Business

Company will use its deep technology expertise to deliver actionable phenotypic data for tissue profiling studies

MENLO PARK, Calif. — Ionpath, a pioneer in high-definition spatial proteomics, today announced a rebalancing of the company’s focus toward its Spatial Proteomics Services. The company will suspend sales of its multiplexed ion beam imaging (MIBI™) technology as a standalone platform in favor of using these instruments for its service business. Ionpath will continue to support its service customers and its installed base of instruments by selling consumables and servicing equipment.

“We see a real opportunity to lower the barriers to using MIBIscope through the hardware-as-a-service business model,” said David Summa, CEO of Ionpath. “We believe this is the best path to meet demand for MIBI-powered insights and to expand access to MIBI data to many more scientific teams, and this is why I was so excited to come aboard and lead Ionpath forward.”

“When we launched our Spatial Proteomics Services program, we tapped into robust demand for high-quality cell profiling data, particularly from the drug discovery and development market,” said Goran Pljevaljcic, Chief Business Officer. “By focusing exclusively on our service business, we are able to get actionable data into customers’ hands in a matter of weeks, eliminating the lengthy process required to purchase and install an instrument.”

Ionpath’s MIBI technology system delivers spatially resolved, single-cell proteomic data representing even the most complex tissue microenvironments with the throughput and reproducibility required for clinical studies. It allows researchers to visualize up to 40 biomarkers simultaneously, enabling deep phenotypic profiling. The MIBI platform is based on highly multiplexed, quantitative protein imaging with unmatched sensitivity and true subcellular resolution.

Ionpath scientists will continue to develop and rely on MIBI technology as the foundation for the company’s Spatial Proteomics Services program. Customers with projects for discovery and clinical applications will be able to submit their tissue samples for analysis with a standard panel of protein biomarker targets for immune profiling and get results in three weeks.

Due to the rebalancing of the business, the company has reduced and refocused its workforce toward supporting a robust services offering.

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About Ionpath

Ionpath, Inc., is a pioneer in high-definition spatial proteomics, revolutionizing tissue imaging and analysis to accelerate medical discovery and improve human health. Ionpath’s MIBI™ (multiplexed ion beam imaging) platform breaks through the limitations of traditional immunohistochemistry, enabling a deeper understanding of the tissue microenvironment with highly multiplexed, quantitative single-cell analysis. With MIBI technology and the expertise of world-class pathology and data science teams, Ionpath provides actionable insights for translational and clinical researchers at leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and research organizations in immuno-oncology, immunology, neuroscience, and infectious disease research.


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