Maria Forss assumes office as BICO’s CEO and President on November 20, 2023

Maria Forss assumes office on November 20, 2023, and to ensure a seamless transition, Erik Gatenholm will during a quarter assist with her onboarding process. Thereafter, he will transition into the role as a senior advisor to BICO.

Erik Gatenholm’s remuneration will be less than 50% of his previous compensation. He will not partake in any bonus programs and will decline Board compensation as long as he maintains his operational engagement.

Maria Forss has extensive international experience from leading positions in both medtech and pharma companies, such as Vitrolife and AstraZeneca. The last years within Vitrolife Maria Forss has as the Senior Vice President led the Consumables Business Area and before that she was the Vice President of Business Development and Global Marketing. Maria Forss has successfully developed businesses through the whole value chain and in the whole product life cycle as well as acquisitions and integration of companies.

About BICO
BICO is a leading provider of life science solutions and laboratory automation that enable more efficient development of new treatments with more specificity and less need for animal testing.

The company uses bioconvergence as its operating system, combining advanced technologies with biology to streamline and automate workflows within the pharmaceutical and biopharma industries.

With 32,000+ instruments installed in over 65 countries, BICO products and solutions are found in more than 3,500 laboratories, including the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies, and have been cited in over 11,000 publications.

Operating through three business areas – Bioprinting, Biosciences and Bioautomation – the BICO Group strives towards the long-term ambition of enabling the reduction of the world’s organ shortage and speeding up drug development to create the future of life-saving treatments.

BICO is listed on Mid-Cap, Nasdaq Stockholm under BICO.

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