New BINDER innovation delivers numerous benefits

BINDER makes new strides

A new CO2 sensor in a class of its own

BINDER CO2 incubators are number one in the world and in high demand for testing and multiplying cells in the pharmaceutical industry, medical research, and beyond.

Cell cultures are often incubated in a BINDER CO2 incubator for a period of several days or even weeks. For this, they need an appropriate growth atmosphere that ensures a constant temperature (generally 37°C), precise CO2 content (generally 5 vol. %), and high humidity (more than 90% RH).

A CO2 content that deviates from this value is a particular concern, as the sensitive samples will end up becoming damaged by the medium’s pH value being excessively high or low. The CO2 sensor in BINDER CB 170 chambers is instrumental in preventing this from happening.

Given that BINDER chambers are known for their long service life and the high humidity levels and temperatures found in incubators are not especially sensor-friendly, a sensor may well reach the end of its life before the rest of the equipment does. Fortunately, the Tuttlingen company has taken its customers’ needs into account here too, equipping the new CB chamber with a sensor that is heat-resistant but can be replaced without the need for any tools.

This means that customers can remove and replace the sensor themselves in a matter of minutes – a huge benefit, particularly in cases where the CB 170 is installed in a clean room or a small laboratory in which there needs to be a quick and easy way of replacing the sensor.

As if all that weren’t enough, the BINDER is easily able to withstand sterilization at 180 degrees, meaning that there is no need to remove it when the chamber is being cleaned. This ensures that the customer benefits from procedures that are even more straightforward and effective, but with absolutely no risk of contamination. All these features make the CB with replaceable sensor a significant step forward for BINDER, and one that brings its customers a whole host of new advantages.

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