Niryo Studio : The era of intuitive and accessible robotics

Paris — Niryo, a pioneer in the field of collaborative robotics, today launches Niryo Studio, a revolutionary application that simplifies the use of robots like never before. With this new software, no need to be a technology expert to try out robotics. The essence of Niryo lies in the democratization of Industry 4.0. which promotes harmonious interaction between man and machine.

A fluid and intuitive user experience

Niryo Studio is a revolution in robotic programming, offering a seamless user experience. Instant connection and configuration of Niryo’s NED2 robot in just a few minutes greatly simplifies the use of collaborative robotics. It’s even possible to connect all external devices linked to the robot and manage them from the application. With smooth navigation and guest access management, it guarantees simple, intuitive use, making access easy for teachers and students alike.Thanks to this application, anyone can learn to use a Niryo robot. The NED2 robot can be used for a wide range of applications, from programming practice to an introduction to artificial intelligence and Industry 5.0, or to reproduce real-life work situations. Just like a simple software program on your computer, Niryo Studio makes this variety of applications even simpler.

In addition to robot control, Niryo Studio offers 3D visualization of all previously connected components with its Unity tool. Combined with the Direct Move tool, this feature enables precise adjustment of robot positions, simplifying object handling and, more generally, providing the most precise robot operation.

Programming becomes child’s play

Niryo Studio’s integrated Python IDE marks a significant step forward in simplifying the programming process. This feature allows users to code directly in the Python language, offering a powerful alternative to programmers. It is also possible to transform a program coded in Blockly into Python, making it even easier to learn the world’s most widely used programming language. This new feature also makes it quicker and easier to connect to the robot. Combined with the application’s Blockly tool, the creation of complex programs becomes child’s play, helping to make collaborative robotics accessible to a wider audience. What’s more, the ability to save, play, modify and replay the programs created leaves room for unrivalled flexibility for users.

Niryo Studio redefines the use of its NED2 robot, offering advanced functionalities while maintaining a user-friendly interface. This new application bears witness to Niryo’s ongoing commitment to making collaborative robotics accessible to all, thus stimulating innovation in the field.

To find out more, watch the replay of the keynote presenting Niryo Studio :

About Niryo: Founded in 2017, Niryo is a leading startup in the field of collaborative robotics. Specialized in the conception of compact and affordable robotic arms, as well as in the development of innovative software solutions. Since its creation, the company has constantly evolved and improved its flagship product, the Niryo One educational robot, which later became “NED” and then “NED2”.

What sets the company apart is its commitment to robotics that do not seek to replace humans, but to collaborate with them. Guided by the vision of CEO Marc-Henri Frouin, the company promotes harmonious interaction between man and machine. Based in Lille, France, Niryo strives to redefine the standards of collaborative robotics on a global scale.

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