Park Systems Appoints Stefan Schneider as General Manager of Accurion Division

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A New General Manager of Park Systems GmbH Accurion Division, Stefan Schneider


Park Systems, a leading provider of Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and nano-metrology solutions, is pleased to announce Stefan Schneider as the new General Manager of Park Systems Accurion Division (Park Systems GmbH), a prominent provider of imaging spectroscopic ellipsometry (ISE) and active vibration isolation (AVI) systems. Schneider brings over 11 years of experience at Accurion, specializing in R&D and product development.

During his tenure, Schneider played a pivotal role in various projects, including the development of Accurion’s latest iterations of the Brewster Angle Microscope “UltraBAM” and the Imaging Ellipsometer “EP4.” He also contributed to the advancement of imaging optics and the expansion of the EP4 imaging ellipsometer’s capabilities. Schneider’s leadership resulted in the successful development of prototype and in-line ISE systems for memory and display inspection, respectively.

“We are excited to announce Stefan Schneider as the new General Manager of Accurion, Park Systems. With his extensive experience in R&D and product development, Stefan is the perfect candidate to lead Accurion into a new era of success. His strong leadership and industry expertise will drive the integration of Accurion’s products with Park Systems’s offerings, enhancing our capabilities in the semiconductor market. We look forward to working closely with Stefan and the Accurion team to deliver innovative solutions to our customers worldwide,” Dr. Sang-il Park, CEO of Park Systems Corporation said.

Accurion is renowned for its strengths in ISE and AVI systems. The imaging spectroscopic ellipsometry technology of Accurion offers exceptional sensitivity for characterizing layer thickness and refractive index on micro-structures, while its AVI systems provide unmatched vibration isolation performance for high-resolution measurement equipment.

The recent merger of Accurion with Park Systems presents exciting opportunities. The combination of ISE and AFM techniques will create hybrid solutions, enhancing the company’s position in the market. Additionally, Accurion’s AVI systems will allow Park Systems to meet its own demand for vibration isolation and expand its customer base.

“I’m honored to lead Accurion within Park Systems. My vision is to establish imaging ellipsometry as a crucial tool in semiconductor applications and solidify our position as a dominant provider of active vibration isolation systems. By maximizing synergy, we’ll focus on innovation, new product development, customer support, and driving Accurion’s growth. Together, we’ll achieve new heights in the industry,” Stefan Schneider said.

Stefan Schneider’s appointment signifies an exciting chapter for Accurion, and the company looks forward to achieving new milestones under his leadership.

About Park Systems GmbH:
Accurion GmbH, now operating as Park Systems GmbH Accurion Division following its acquisition, is a pioneering company based in Goettingen, Germany. With a strong focus on imaging spectroscopic ellipsometry and active vibration isolation, Accurion has established itself as a leading provider of advanced metrology solutions. Their Imaging Ellipsometers seamlessly combine ellipsometry and optical microscopy, enabling high-resolution characterization of microstructures. Their cutting-edge technologies enable precise measurement and analysis in various industries, including semiconductors, research, and manufacturing.

About Park Systems Corp. (KOSDAQ: 140860):
Park Systems is a world-leading manufacturer of atomic force microscopy (AFM) and nano metrology systems with a complete range of products for researchers and engineers in the chemistry, materials, physics, life sciences, semiconductor, and data storage industries. Its mission is to enable nanoscale advances for scientists and engineers solving the world’s most pressing problems and pushing the boundaries of scientific discoveries and engineering innovations. Customers of Park Systems include most of the world’s leading semiconductor companies and national research universities in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Park Systems is a publicly traded corporation on the Korea Stock Exchange (KOSDAQ) with corporate headquarters in Suwon, Korea, and regional headquarters in Santa Clara, California, Mannheim, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo, Singapore, India, and Mexico City. To learn more, please visit

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