PHC Holdings Corporation Appoints Kyoko Deguchi as Chief Executive Officer

TOKYO – PHC Holdings Corporation (hereafter PHC Group) [TSE 6523] today announced the appointment of Kyoko Deguchi as the company’s President, Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer effective April 1, 2024. She succeeds Shoji Miyazaki, who steps down as the company’s President, Representative Director and CEO on March 31. Shoji Miyazaki will continue to serve as a director until the shareholders’ meeting in June 2024.

Kyoko Deguchi, who currently serves as an independent external director of PHC Group, has more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare and chemical industries. She has held a range of senior positions in finance and marketing in global healthcare companies such as Janssen Pharmaceuticals, as well as Japan representative roles at Stryker and AbbVie. Currently, Kyoko Deguchi is the Vice Director of Doya Orthopedic Rehabilitation Clinic, and also is serving as an external director for several companies, such as T-Gaia Corporation, and Heartseed Inc.

Outgoing CEO Shoji Miyazaki said: “Since my appointment as President and CEO in April 2022, I have focused on the reorganization of our businesses to better position them for growth. Last year, we revised the mid-term plan, or Value Creation Plan (FY22-FY25), and identified the three growth areas of “Personalized Testing & Diagnostic Solutions,” “Digital Health Solutions,” and “Advanced Therapy Development Solutions.” Currently, due to some delays in our growth strategies, our business performance is not where we need it to be. In order for PHC Group to further pursue innovation and efficiency, we have decided to strengthen our global responsiveness under new leadership.

Kyoko Deguchi, who has deep expertise in global business operations, is someone who I am confident will lead the future growth of PHC Group. Over the next few months, I will fully support Kyoko Deguchi in preparing to realize further growth and business expansion across PHC Group.”

Incoming CEO Kyoko Deguchi said: “It is my privilege to take on the leadership of PHC Group at a challenging time in the company’s growth. PHC Holdings Corporation was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2021 with three core business segments, and we must create greater synergies among the business to unlock our full value. We need to accelerate collaboration and talent development across business units. Under ‘One PHC’ mindset, we create synergies across businesses and develop global talents. As CEO of PHC Group, I am looking forward to advancing this goal while creating innovative healthcare solutions that improve lives as our mission states.”

Ivan Tornos, an independent external director and member of PHC Group’s Nomination and Compensation Committee, said: “We deeply appreciate Shoji Miyazaki’s leadership in advancing our structural reforms and transformation, and for laying the foundation of PHC Group as a listed company, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors. Kyoko Deguchi, who has been supporting the growth of our group as an independent external director, is a leader who listens to diverse opinions and responds flexibly to changes in the environment. Under her leadership, we will further promote our Value Creation Plan to achieve growth, innovation, and improved efficiency on a global scale.”

Career summary of President, Representative Director (CEO) to be newly appointed

Date of birth Career summary Number of shares held
December 12, 1965 April 1989Bain & Company Japan Inc.
February 1998Planning Senior Director, Disney Store Japan Ltd.
(Currently: The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd.)
February 1999Senior Finance Director, Disney Store Japan Ltd.
March 2001Director and CFO, GE Plastics Japan Ltd.
April 2004Product Director, Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Currently: Ortho Neurologics Inc.) (USA)
September 2005General Manager, Gastroenterology, Pain and OTC Business Division,
Janssen-Cilag Pty Ltd. (Australia)
January 2007Deputy General Manager, Marketing Headquarters, Janssen Pharmaceutical K.K.
August 2009Director and Vice President, Global Marketing, Stryker Japan K.K.
January 2012President, Stryker Japan K.K.
March 2013General Manager, Senior Corporate Officer and President’s Office (concurrent assignment as)
Head of Accounting and Finance Headquarters, BELLSYSTEM24, Inc.
March 2014President, AbbView GK
July 2014External Director, Nippon Ski Resort Development Co.
February 2015Chief Operating Officer, Shikikuukai Medical Corporation
April 2015Professor, Kenichi Ohmae Graduate School, BBT University (incumbent)
March 2016External Director, Cookpad Inc.
June 2016External Director, T-Gaia Corporation (incumbent)
August 2017Vice President, Shikikuukai Medical Corporation
June 2019External Director, NHK Technologies, Inc.
January 2020External Director, Heartseed Inc. (incumbent)
June 2021External Director, PHC Holdings Corporation (incumbent)
September 2022Vice Director, Doya Rehabilitation and Orthopedic Clinic (incumbent)

As of the end of January 2024
Regarding “Doya Rehabilitation and Orthopedic Clinic,” Ms. Deguchi will resign from it at the end of March 2024

About PHC Holdings Corporation

PHC Holdings Corporation (TSE 6523) is a global healthcare company with a mission of contributing to the health of society through healthcare solutions that have a positive impact and improve the lives of people. Its subsidiaries include PHC Corporation, Ascensia Diabetes Care Holdings AG, Epredia Holdings Ltd., LSI Medience Corporation, Wemex Corporation, and Mediford Corporation. PHC Holdings Corporation and its subsidiaries, collectively known as PHC Group, develop, manufacture, sell and service solutions across diabetes management, healthcare solutions, diagnostics and life sciences. The consolidated net sales in FY2022 were JPY 356.4 billion with global distribution of products and services in more than 125 countries and regions.

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