PhenomeX Launches Beacon Select™ Optofluidic System with Opto® B Discovery Workflows

Affordable two-chip Beacon Select system to broaden customer access to innovative high throughput, function-first antibody discovery capabilities

EMERYVILLE, Calif. — PhenomeX Inc. (Nasdaq: CELL), the functional cell biology company, today announced the launch of Beacon Select optofluidic system with Opto® B Discovery workflows for antibody discovery.

The Opto B Discovery workflows, with their cutting-edge technologies and features, enable scientists to find lead candidate antibodies tailored to their specific challenges and changing needs. Combined with the value-matched Beacon Select system, more customers may access these propriety antibody discovery applications, but with the optimum level of features that meet their research and budgetary needs. PhenomeX’s optofluidic platform is now a standard to deliver optimal antibodies with speed, as highlighted recently in the high-impact journal Cell, where antibodies against COVID-19 variants were discovered on the Beacon system six months before Omicron emergence.

Beacon Select for Antibody Discovery Workflow Feature
Opto B Discovery workflows on the Beacon Select system enable scientists to accelerate antibody screening and hit generation to find lead candidate antibodies and are ideally suited for small- to mid-sized biopharma and CDMOs/CROs. This contrasts with the flagship four-chip Beacon system enabled for antibody discovery, optimized for the highest screening throughputs demanded by large biopharma and established CDMOs/CROs.

The Beacon Select system enables rapid function-first selection of single B cells with the best characteristics for any antibody application, including antibody therapeutics, diagnostics, and reagents. In addition, the Opto B Discovery workflows offer users highly customizable assays to assess antigen and epitope specificity, species or variant cross-reactivity, and functional properties, all in a single-day workflow. By selecting and recovering sequences of only the most desirable antibodies with favorable attributes, users can reduce overall bioprocessing costs, improve the probability of campaign success, and shorten timelines to lead candidates. When combined with PhenomeX’s catalog of best-in-class reagents and consumables for mouse, human, and rabbit B cell repertoires, customers can do all this against even the hardest antigen targets, including G coupled-protein receptors (GPCRs) and ion channels, to accelerate antibody discovery beyond traditional methods available today.

To further increase customer accessibility and affordability, PhenomeX will offer the Beacon Select system for antibody discovery with different purchase options including capital placement, lease, or reagent rental. The two-chip Beacon Select list price will be approximately half of the current Beacon system, which makes the technology ideal for new users that do not need the full Beacon capacity. In addition, this lower price point allows existing Beacon customers to more readily increase throughput, add laboratory capacity, and (for existing cell line development customers) access antibody discovery applications.

PhenomeX participation at 19th Annual PEGS Boston Conference & Expo

PhenomeX is participating at the 19th annual Protein Engineering & Cell Therapy Summit (PEGS) conference and expo being held from May 15-19 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Mass. At the conference, the Company will feature its optofluidic and proteomic platform technologies, including the new Beacon Select system, in booth #517 and present two posters and podium presentations. Attendees can explore demonstrations of the technology and learn more about how PhenomeX’s products can advance and accelerate our understanding of cellular function along the continuum of scientific discovery, bioprocessing, clinical research, and immunotherapy development.

Read more about the PhenomeX technology posters and podium presentations being shared at PEGS at

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