PicoQuant Strengthens Presence in the UK Through Strategic Partnership with Laser 2000

PicoQuant Expands its Network of Distributors

This collaboration signifies a significant milestone for both PicoQuant and Laser 2000, as it combines PicoQuant’s cutting-edge technology with Laser 2000’s extensive network and market expertise. The move is expected to enhance accessibility to PicoQuant’s state-of-the-art solutions for researchers, scientists, and professionals in the UK.

PicoQuant’s Head of Sales, Uwe Ortmann, expressed enthusiasm about this development, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with Laser 2000 in expanding our presence in the UK. This partnership not only signifies a strategic move for us but also presents a remarkable opportunity for the scientific community in the UK to benefit from our advanced products and expertise.”

Laser 2000, with its strong track record in the photonics industry, is poised to provide outstanding service and support to PicoQuant’s customers in the UK. The partnership is expected to usher in a new era of accessibility and innovation for researchers and professionals in the region.

“I am delighted that Laser 2000 (UK) has been appointed PicoQuant’s exclusive value-added reseller to customers in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Our team of expert life scientists, physicists and chemists will be working with customers to understand their needs in depth. We will then design and supply PicoQuant solutions to enable them to carry out world-leading science. PicoQuant and Laser 2000 (UK) are trusted by customers to go the extra mile to meet their exact needs, and to deliver very high levels of post-sales application support and service.  That reflects the assurance Laser 2000 (UK) has delivered to its customers throughout the thirty-two years of its existence, and the reliability and technology leadership PicoQuant is renowned for delivering,” commented Dr David Gillet, Group Managing Director at Laser 2000.

The partnership between PicoQuant and Laser 2000 is set to reinforce PicoQuant’s presence in the global market while fortifying Laser 2000’s position as a leading distributor of photonics solutions.

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