Pleno Deploys its RAPTOR Instrument Platform Available with TotalSeq™ Antibodies from BioLegend

The integration seeks to enable multi-omic biomarker detection at unprecedented speed, scale, and cost

SAN DIEGO — Pleno Inc., a multi-omic instrument platform company revolutionizing biological target detection for clinical testing and biomedical research, today announced successful deployment of the first of its RAPTOR instruments integrated with industry-leading TotalSeq™ antibodies from BioLegend, part of Revvity. This marks the first instance of an early access version of RAPTOR with Pleno’s groundbreaking multi-omic readout technology called Hypercoding™ verified outside of its development lab. This milestone signals a crucial step toward broader availability of Pleno’s technology with expanded applications.

Hypercoding is Pleno’s proprietary biomarker detection technology which incorporates aspects of code multiplexing derived from digital telecommunications combined with advanced biochemistry to deliver unprecedented speed, scale, and cost improvements over current methods. The technology is capable of simultaneously detecting 10,000 or more biomarkers per sample from several different types, including SNVs, small and large indels, CNVs, pseudogenes, fusions, RNA, methylation, and in this case, proteins via oligo-conjugated antibodies. The RAPTOR instrument platform utilizes Hypercoding to detect these biomarkers rapidly and efficiently at a sample throughput that is scalable from a couple dozen samples to 96. Samples are isolated in individual wells in the standard-format well-plate consumables, greatly simplifying the upfront sample preparation workflow. The end-to-end workflow is designed to be completed within a single eight-hour shift for most applications.

Pleno’s technology has wide relevance across various research and clinical applications encompassing pharmacogenomics, tumor profiling, early cancer screening, NIPT, infectious diseases, agrigenomics, and more. One of the most intriguing aspects of this technology is its ability to detect multi-omic content within a single instrument run. Notably, it allows the ability to incorporate protein markers into DNA, RNA, or methylation-based detection panels. To this end, Pleno and BioLegend have collaborated to integrate their technologies, facilitating a streamlined approach for customers to enable multi-omic content.

“We are extremely proud to see the first of our RAPTOR instruments leave the nest,” said Pieter van Rooyen, founder and CEO of Pleno. “It is a true testament to our incredible team which has not only reimagined genomic testing, but also made it a reality in record time.”

Select partners can evaluate the performance of the RAPTOR instrument during this early access period ahead of production-ready instruments expected in Q4 2024, and full commercial availability in Q1 2025.

“The proprietary technologies in BioLegend’s TotalSeq portfolio of proven antibodies are currently used on many different platforms and are a nice fit with Pleno’s technology, giving customers expanded choices with the transformative potential of multi-omic content integration,” said Craig Monell, senior vice president of business operations at BioLegend.

Based in San Diego’s Sorrento Mesa Innovation Hub, Pleno is strategically located to draw on a talented pool of scientists, telecommunication engineers, and biotechnology innovators. Currently employing 64 full-time employees, the company envisions rapid team growth in the coming months.

About Pleno, Inc.
Pleno Inc. is a multi-omic instrument platform company that has reimagined the fundamental technology behind genomic testing, to enable existing applications to become more efficient and effective, and pave the way for the next generation of multi-omic applications. The company’s proprietary Hypercoding™ technology leverages signal processing techniques inspired by the telecommunications industry to deliver biomarker detection at unprecedented speed, scale, and cost. For more information, visit

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