Preclinical biotherapeutics company Abalone Bio and bioinformatics cloud platform provider PipeBio announce collaborative efforts in antibody drug discovery

EMERYVILLE, Calif. and HORSENS, Denmark — Abalone Bio, a preclinical biotherapeutics company and PipeBio, a bioinformatics cloud platform provider, announce their continued collaboration around antibody bioinformatics analysis supporting Abalone Bio’s antibody discovery research and development efforts. PipeBio’s advanced bioinformatic platform complements Abalone Bio’s Functional Antibody Selection Technology (FAST) antibody discovery platform, which aims to find treatments for difficult-to-drug G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) and other difficult membrane protein targets with disease indications ranging from inflammatory diseases, metabolic diseases, and cancer.

Since implementation, the bioinformatics platform from PipeBio has helped Abalone Bio transition into large scale NGS data analysis of antibodies, with single-click analysis pipelines helping Abalone Bio speed up analysis and quickly identify candidate antibody sequences for further development.

“PipeBio’s workflow is easy to use for members of our team across the full range of computational experience, making NGS-based antibody library and enrichment analyses accessible while still remaining powerful and flexible. ” Richard Yu, CEO and co-founder, Abalone Bio

Abalone Bio’s pursuit of GPCR-modulating antibody therapeutics includes several discovery programs where PipeBio’s bioinformatics cloud is utilized for data storage, computation and advanced data analysis. As part of the collaboration, PipeBio has provided bespoke graphics solutions for estimation of antibody library diversity, which have been widely adopted and employed by Abalone Bio.

“We are thrilled to support Abalone Bio’s research efforts with both our tools and expertise. For us, the most exciting part is to be able to contribute to novel therapeutics for the wide array of diseases that Abalone Bio’s GPCR-targeting research approach intends to address.” – Jannick Bendtsen, CEO, PipeBio

About Abalone Bio
Abalone Bio combines synthetic biology and data-driven computation to identify antibody drugs that activate and modulate difficult membrane protein targets, which enables access to previously inaccessible therapeutic biological activities such as novel anti-cancer or anti-inflammatory activities.

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Richard Yu, CEO
Email: [email protected]

About PipeBio
PipeBio is a rapidly growing cloud-based bioinformatics platform with presence in Europe and the Americas. Teams in pharma, biotechs and academia use PipeBio to quickly characterize and develop better lead candidates. The strength of PipeBio is its unique ability to make structured sequence and assay data easily accessible to scientists, bioinformaticians and managers, combined with an ever-growing suite of powerful analysis tools.

Contact information
Jannick Bendtsen
Email: [email protected]

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