Pure Essential Chromatography System: First steps to fast separations

Flawil, Switzerland – BÜCHI Labortechnik AG, a leading provider of laboratory equipment, has added the Pure Essential Chromatography system to its portfolio. This instrument serves as the ideal introduction to automated flash chromatography. Benefitting from an easy-to-use, compact, and modular design that allows the system to grow with your needs.
The most basic of all chromatography systems is the traditional open-column setup. It is how most people are introduced to chromatography, similar to the setup used by chromatography’s inventor Mikhail Tsvet. The setup is very basic, involving a glass column with two open ends (sometimes, in small laboratories, a burette is used instead of a column). At the bottom of the column is a stopcock to control the solvent flow directed to the collection flask. The entire process is gravity fed; therefore, it is slow and inefficient and requires someone to perform each step of the separation process manually. Over the years, the technique for separating compounds of synthesis or extraction mixtures has been vastly improved; however, many modern systems are complex and expensive and offer advanced features that some users do not require.
The Pure Essential Chromatography system has been specifically developed to fill this gap in the market. At its heart is a strong 50 bar pump that allows for high flow rates. The pump rapidly moves the solvent and sample through the stationary phase. The instrument allows for automation of the process thanks to an intuitive software control which also ensures fast and reproducible results. Only a few clicks are required to program a method or adapt parameters on the fly. Prepacked flash cartridges simplify the setup, as there is no requirement for manual column packing. The entire system is efficient and uses small particle sizes for higher-resolution results, all while reducing solvent consumption.
The Pure Essential Chromatography system has been designed as a modular system with a small footprint, allowing the setup to grow with your needs. A highly sensitive UV detector or fraction collector can be added to the powerful Pure Chromatography C-900, a controlled pump. Safety is also a key feature of the Pure Essential Chromatography system which is equipped with a pressure sensor and benefits from a solid design with steel pump heads and robust accessories built for the rigors of daily use. Everything is easily accessible on the instrument, making maintenance a breeze. Simplicity results from intelligent design and years of experience, and the Pure Essential Chromatography system is a shining example of a dedicated focus on perfecting the essentials. The instrument is ideal for academia or labs that require a bespoke setup for a particular workflow.
“The Pure Essential Chromatography system is super easy to use, without any bells and whistles. It benefits from a small footprint and attractive price as well; it is the perfect way to enter the preparative chromatography instrument world when used to using open columns,” said Dr. Ruedi Hartmann, Director of Business Areas & Vertical Markets at BÜCHI Labortechnik. The Pure Essential Chromatography system completes BUCHI’s comprehensive range of preparative chromatography systems. BÜCHI Labortechnik AG remains dedicated to offering solutions catering to all budgets and workflows of academic, pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnological industries.
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