Release of the ICPMS-2040 Series and ICPMS-2050 Series ICP Mass Spectrometers

Contributing to research and development of pharmaceuticals, the environment, and foods via analysis of hazardous elements and essential minerals with a reduced environmental load

Image of products: ICPMS-2050 inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer and AS-20 autosampler
Image of products: ICPMS-2050 inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer and AS-20 autosampler

Shimadzu Corporation announces the release of the ICPMS-2040 Series and ICPMS-2050 Series inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometers (ICP-MS) for qualitatively and quantitatively analyzing inorganic elements. The ICPMS-2040 is the standard model whereas the ICPMS-2050 offers higher sensitivity. Used for a wide range of applications, they achieve high-sensitivity measurements with less environmental load due to reduced argon gas consumption during measurements.

There are many types of inorganic elements ranging from ones hazardous to the human body, such as lead and cadmium, to essential nutrient components, such as potassium and calcium. Measurements of inorganic elements are conducted for quality control as well as research and development of pharmaceuticals, foods, cellular medium and environmental testing Higher-sensitivity measurements are needed as even a small amount of elements influences product quality. ICP-MS measures the mass by ionizing elements using high-temperature plasma*1 generated from argon gas. Using this high-sensitivity method for measuring inorganic elements enables qualitative and quantitative analysis of extremely small amounts of elements in samples.

The ICPMS-2040 and ICPMS-2050 provide approximately twice the sensitivity of conventional models through the use of a uniquely designed plasma torch (a mechanism to generate plasma). The ICPMS-2050 achieves superior sensitivity measurements for specific elements through a new mechanism for removing unnecessary ions. With both products, argon gas consumption has been reduced to approximately 2/3 of comparable instruments. They provide for a more efficient workflow by incorporating a wide variety of functions to support users, such as a function to shorten the rinse time, and field-specific measurement conditions that are provided as standard. Shimadzu Corporation contributes to the development of life science for protecting people’s health and maintaining a global environment through the provision of accurate analytical data.

  • *1: Gaseous matter made of charged particles. In ICP, it is produced by bombarding electrons with argon gas.


1. High-sensitivity and environmentally friendly performance.

The newly designed plasma torch achieves high-sensitivity measurements while using only a small amount of argon gas. Argon gas consumption can be further reduced by operating the system in Eco mode whenever data is not being acquired. The ICPMS-2050 is equipped with a reaction mode which removes ions other than target ions by causing reaction of hydrogen gas and other materials. This enables even higher-sensitivity measurements of specific elements.

Figure on the left: Newly designed plasma torch

Newly designed plasma torch

Figure on the right: Comparison of argon gas consumption

Comparison of argon gas consumption

2. Significantly improved measurement efficiency

With high-sensitivity ICP-MS measurements, time is required to replace the gas used to remove unnecessary ions and to rinse the instrument. The ICPMS-2040/2050 models incorporate a newly designed gas controller to replace gas quickly, shortening the measurement time. In addition, by using the “ProActive rinsing functionality,” the sample is measured and the sample suctioning flow line is rinsed concurrently. As a result, reliable data can be acquired efficiently even when over 100 samples are measured sequentially.

3. Easy measurement achieved by a wide variety of support functionality

The products are equipped with the “Extended rinsing functionality” for automatically adding and executing rinsing after high-concentration samples are measured. Conditions for typical measurements and instrument setting information for the pharmaceutical, environmental, and food markets are included as standard. This allows users to start analysis immediately after installation of the instrument, with only minimal training. The products also include various functions that simplify operations, bringing a revolution to working practices in laboratories.

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