Seer Announces Addition of Panome Bio to Centers of Excellence (COE) Program

Panome Bio adds deep, unbiased proteomics to their proprietary metabolomics platform to deliver innovative multi-omics services

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — Seer Inc. (NASDAQ: SEER), a life sciences company commercializing a disruptive new platform for proteomics, today announced that Panome Bio has joined its COE Program. Panome Bio is a metabolomics and proteomics services company that provides biopharma innovators unparalleled access to the biomolecules closest to phenotype using its proprietary Next Generation Metabolomics™ technology. Panome Bio joins Seer’s global COE network of leading service providers, who are all committed to accelerating the adoption of unbiased, deep proteomics at scale. Seer COEs have been selected for their demonstrated expertise in proteomics, their ability to deliver the highest quality service, and their commitment to partnering to expand the ecosystem around deep, unbiased proteomics using Seer’s technology. Seer’s COE network makes it easier for customers around the world to access the value of the Proteograph Product Suite and the new Proteograph XT Assay.

“At Seer, we are passionate about empowering more researchers to access deep, unbiased proteomics so that we can really begin to fundamentally understand biology in a functional and dynamic way,” said Omid Farokhzad, CEO and Founder of Seer. “We have been impressed with Panome Bio’s approach to serving biopharma, from their focus on understanding the customer’s goals, to their approach to data analysis, to reports that go beyond a list of data points. We see them as an ideal partner in making it easier for the scientific community to accelerate its insights into biology and disease with peptide-level proteomic data, complemented by metabolomic data. We are thrilled to be partnering with a leading multi-omics provider like Panome Bio to help realize this potential.”

Panome Bio’s Next-Generation Metabolomics technology was developed by Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Gary Patti, whose lab is known for its many key advancements in the field of metabolomics. “Some of the most exciting and insightful experiments to interrogate biology are currently not being done by many researchers who would greatly benefit from them. This is not only due to technological access, but also challenges of data interpretation.” said Dr. Patti. “By combining deep proteomic insights at the peptide level with our proprietary metabolomics workflow, Panome Bio will enable first-of-their-kind studies with robust pathway analyses to significantly advance research in biomarker discovery and drug development.”

The Proteograph XT Assay in combination with Seer’s Proteograph Product Suite, enables deep, unbiased proteomics studies with unprecedented sight, scope, speed, and scale. Seer’s proprietary engineered nanoparticles enhance the detection of novel variants and biomarkers, enabling researchers to gain direct sightlines into the proteome at the peptide level, with a depth of greater than 6,000 proteins and more than 55,000 peptide IDs in complex samples such as plasma. The Proteograph XT solution is species and sample agnostic, adding flexibility and scope to any study, supporting samples from biofluids to skeletal muscle, and studies leveraging from small to large model organisms. With a fully automated workflow and minimal hands-on time, researchers can now conduct unbiased proteomics studies of significance with hundreds or thousands of samples, quickly and efficiently.

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About Seer
Seer is a life sciences company developing transformative products that open a new gateway to the proteome. Seer’s Proteograph™ Product Suite with the new Proteograph XT Assay is an integrated solution that includes proprietary engineered nanoparticles, consumables, automation instrumentation and software to perform deep, unbiased proteomic analysis at scale in a matter of hours. Seer designed the Proteograph workflow to be efficient and easy to use, leveraging widely adopted laboratory instrumentation to provide a decentralized solution that can be incorporated by nearly any lab. Seer’s Proteograph Product Suite is for research use only and is not intended for diagnostic procedures. For more information, please visit

About Panome Bio
Panome Bio is a discovery services contract research organization that helps its clients profile the metabolome and proteome to further their research in disease and drug development. Panome Bio provides a comprehensive workflow including experimental design, sample preparation and analysis, and data processing. For more information, please visit

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