Selvita became an authorized partner of STARLIMS Corporation

Having become an authorized partner of STARLIMS Corporation, Selvita is able to provide your company with one of the world-leading Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). LIMS software helps with managing integrated laboratory information, automating analysis and improving administration processes.

STARLIMS ensures the highest standards of integrity and quality, in conformity with GLP, GMP GAMP, ISO 17025, requirements for audit trails, security, data integrity and data archiving. This includes customer compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements for electronic records and signatures. System can be easily integrated with existing ERP systems and laboratory instruments.

STARLIMS solutions are ideal platform for new implementations as well as straightforward conversion of legacy systems. System provides user-friendly interface and preserves configuration efforts in all upgrades.

Since its inception in 1987, STARLIMS has been one of the world-leading LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) vendors. Last year the company developed STARLIMS v10, entirely web based LIMS application which vastly streamlines configuration and deployment. STARLIMS has more than 500 proven track records in public health, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, forensics, food and beverage, environmental, water and chemical industries in 40 countries all over the world. The company supports R&D and service-oriented organizations as well as process, QA/QC and operations. STARLIMS consolidates disparate business processes into a single, compliant platform with comprehensive reporting, surveillance and networking capabilities. The result is vastly enhanced data management and sharing ? within the laboratory and across the enterprise.

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