Slingshot Unveils a Novel Cell Therapy-Focused Portfolio to Streamline Development while Improving Manufacturing and Clinical Trial Capabilities

EMERYVILLE, Calif. — In response to strong customer demand, Slingshot Biosciences is introducing a groundbreaking portfolio of products that will transform the landscape of analytical precision in cell therapy. Its first products in this category are aimed at solving quality control challenges that plague current cell therapy development and manufacturing processes.

In the evolving field of cell therapy, the development and delivery of potent and effective products are heavily dependent on precise analytical methodologies. One of the most critical challenges facing the industry is the reliance on controls that are often either unavailable or flawed. Controls are essential for validating the accuracy and consistency of the analytical methods used to assess cell therapy products during pre-clinical and commercial stage activities.

To address this, Slingshot Bio launched a first-of-its-kind suite of synthetic cells that express controlled amounts of cell-therapy-relevant markers including BCMA and CD19. Another key addition to this product portfolio is a product containing lymphocyte subsets which is comprised of defined populations of cells relevant to patient characterization standardization.

These products enable cell therapy developers and researchers to improve their analytical methodologies by providing consistent, cost-effective controls for accurately profiling patients and evaluating therapies. Designed for use in flow cytometry assays, they improve quality control and assay consistency, accelerating research and development toward more effective cell therapy solutions.

Jeff Kim, CEO of Slingshot Biosciences, states, “these synthetic cells are tailored for cell therapy developers. They provide a dependable means for characterizing patient starting materials and CAR product characterization, addressing a previously unmet need. Our commitment lies in empowering the cell therapy community with the necessary tools for making informed, data-driven decisions. We are dedicated to enhancing cell therapy research and manufacturing precision through our commitment to excellence and strategic global partnerships.”

About Slingshot Biosciences

At the cutting edge of cell engineering technology, Slingshot Biosciences is revolutionizing cell therapy development and manufacturing. The company’s pioneering work in creating synthetic cells positions it uniquely to help advance research, diagnostics and biopharma manufacturing. Slingshot’s products offer more consistent, scalable, and ethically viable alternatives to traditional methods of cell-based sourcing.

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