SWT50i: Sensirion’s first water quality sensor

Sensirion’s new SWT50i sensor is the first product in the family of water quality sensing. The sensor uses a measurement principle based on UV absorption-based measurement principle and impresses with its small size, easy integrability and cost-effectiveness.

The SWT50i sensor helps to assess organic substances in water and supports the user in controlling water treatment processes and monitoring water quality. The sensor acts as a photometer, measuring absorption in the UV-C range, and allows the user to monitor typical organic contaminants and various pollutants such as benzene, antibiotics, pesticides, detergents, plastics and solvents. The exceptionally small size (70 x 70 x 70 mm) and flow-through design enables easy integration into challenging designs while meeting the highest demands for reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Organic pollutants, climate change and the associated water shortages are putting an increased strain on the precious resource of water. Measurement technology plays a major role here, helping to increase the efficiency of purification processes, monitoring their effectiveness, and ensuring compliance with legal guidelines.

Conventionally, the measurement of such pollutants is done at only a few points by means of TOC (total organic carbon) analyzers. These laboratory instruments are expensive and complicated to use and do not allow real-time monitoring. Additionally, there is the UV absorption method, based on the property of organic molecules to absorb UV light absorbing property of organic molecules. While online measuring devices exist, they have so far been designed exclusively as probes; they are also quite expensive.

The SWT50i uses the same measurement principle (UV absorption) but presents a completely new form factor at an attractive price. This allows for measurement at several points in one system or in applications where it was previously not economically feasible. In addition, Sensirion uses a flow-through sensor which, unlike the available probes, can be easily inserted into closed hose systems with smaller hose diameters (5–15 mm).

The SWT50i is part of Sensirion’s vision to enable area-wide sensor networks in order to better record processes or the environment. This allows for a more efficient and conservational use of the precious resource water. With this sensor, the sensor specialist Sensirion enters the water quality measurement stage for the first time. With cost-effective and easy-to-integrate sensors, Sensirion wants to enable water quality measurement across the board: in production processes and in water purification for waterworks, distribution systems or private households.


For more information about the SWT50i water quality sensor, please visit Sensirion’s website at www.sensirion.com/products/catalog/SWT50i/.


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