Vancouver, BCTelescope Innovations Corp. (“Telescope” or the “Company”) (CSE: TELI) (OTCQB: TELIF), a developer of enabling technologies for the global pharmaceutical and chemical industries, announces that it is engaged in a technology integration partnership with Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc. (“Shimadzu”). Shimadzu is a global leader in analytical instrumentation for chemistry research and development, and the partners aim to integrate Telescope’s flagship product, the DirectInject-LC™ with Shimadzu’s High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (“HPLC”) systems.

HPLC is a gold-standard analysis technique in process chemistry, enabling researchers to separate and analyze each component in a chemical mixture. DirectInject-LC™ dramatically amplifies the power of this technology by automatically sampling and preparing reactions for real-time injection into HPLC instruments. Thus, full reaction profiles become readily accessible, providing rich chemical understanding, impurity profiling, and fast optimization strategies. This type of data-rich experimentation represents a massive competitive advantage to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

“Ensuring compatibility with the Shimadzu ecosystem will broaden the adoption potential of DirectInject-LC™, which is already compatible with several HPLC instruments like the Agilent and Waters systems,” explained Jason Hein, CTO of Telescope. “We’re excited to continue showcasing the value of DirectInject-LC, and to partner with the Shimadzu team who bring internationally recognized expertise in chemistry analysis instruments.”

“Integrating Telescope’s game-changing DirectInject-LC™technology with our industry-leading UHPLC system opens up a wealth of opportunities for customers in the process analytical technology (PAT) market,” commented Tairo Ogura, Director of the R&D Center at Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc.  “We’re eager to drive this partnership forward and excited about showcasing the potential of this powerful platform.”

To highlight this partnership, Telescope and Shimadzu will jointly present this technology integration at the 2024 meeting of the International Foundation Process Analytical Chemistry (IFPAC). This conference, from March 3-6 2024, will bring together world-class and industry expertise in Process Analytical Technology and Continuous Manufacturing and Process Control applications for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, and related industries.

About Telescope Innovations

Telescope is a chemical technology company developing scalable manufacturing processes and tools for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. The Company builds and deploys new enabling technologies including flexible robotic platforms and artificial intelligence software that improves experimental throughput, efficiency, and data quality. Our aim is to bring modern chemical technology solutions to meet the most serious challenges in health and sustainability.

About Shimadzu 

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) is the North American subsidiary of Shimadzu Corporation’s Analytical and Measuring Division. Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, SSI offers a comprehensive portfolio of analytical and testing solutions for a broad range of applications in science and industry. SSI maintains a network of ten regional offices strategically located across the United States, with experienced technical specialists, service providers and sales engineers situated throughout the country. In addition, SSI operates a Solution Center, designed to enable applications development, and an Innovation Center that houses a team of scientists whose goal is to develop close collaborations with universities, government agencies and industry centers. Visit for more information.

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