The first MerlinEM RDP has been successfully installed

Quantum Detectors is proud to announce that the first MerlinEM RDP detector has been successfully installed, at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS).

On 4th December 2023, our dedicated customer support team visited Dr. Martien den Hertog and the team at CNRS in Grenoble, to install the first ever MerlinEM RDP detector. The launch of this new detector marks a significant step forward in both the flexibility and the accessibility of our MerlinEM detectors.

This latest addition to the MerlinEM family of detectors brings a series of updated features and specifications, developed in response to the changing needs of our electron microscopy community.

Customer-driven development
One of our primary goals is to bring our customers closer to their next scientific discovery. To do this, one of the most important things for our research and development teams is gaining feedback from our user community.

An example of this is addressing a common challenge many of our users face: the ability to carry out techniques such as diffraction, where a quad configuration would be the best option, yet they have restricted space on their microscope. With insights such as this, our customer-focused R&D team has developed the next generation of detector that directly solves a key customer challenge.

“The installation of the Quantum Detectors MerlinEM RDP on our amazing JEOL Neo Arm will allow us to extend and improve our work on four dimensional scanning transmission electron microscopy (4D STEM) and electron ptychography, as well as three dimensional electron diffraction (3D ED). We are also looking forward to using it in combination with electron beam precession, and are excited about the many options this camera adds to our TEM capability!”
Dr Martien den Hertog, Research Director at Institut Néel, CNRS

More accessible than ever before
The introduction of the MerlinEM RDP makes our electron microscopy detectors more accessible than ever, with the following key features:

A more compact size than the existing MerlinEM 1R and 4R detectors

Retractable design

Quad (512 x 512 pixels) configuration available, single (256 pixels) in development

Redesigned for robust vacuum compatibility
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“We understood that there was a clear need to miniaturise the detector, and through the deployment of innovative approaches and technologies, we have developed a detector that now enables us to retrofit on a broad range of microscopes. We’re very excited for our upcoming installations, and for the opportunities to influence and enhance the next generation of microscopes.”
Leo-Jay Black, Senior Detector Engineer, Quantum Detectors

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