The New ibidi Glass Bottom Dish 35 mm Provides High Quality Imaging in a Standard Format

Munich, Germany – ibidi continues to extend its unique product range for live cell imaging and immunofluorescence. The new Glass Bottom Dish 35 mm complements ibidi’s successful range of products, which are designed for high quality imaging of living and fixed cells. This Petri Dish, with a 35 mm diameter, high walls, and a glass coverslip bottom, is ideally suited for cultivation and high resolution microscopy of cell cultures. Since the bottom is made from a coverslip #1.5 (170 µm +10/-20 µm), it can be used for uncompromised high resolution imaging with living cells, as well as immuno­fluorescence microscopy with fixed samples. This functional dish with a very low autofluorescence is the smart choice when you need an appropriate tool for bio microscopy. For more detailed information, please visit the ibidi website at:

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