Thermo Scientific Glacios 2 Cryo-TEM with Low-Energy-Spread Cold FEG (E-CFEG)

Product: Thermo Scientific Glacios 2 Cryo-TEM with E-CFEG

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A reconstruction of apoferritin at 1.5 Å resolution from data collected over seven hours using the Thermo Scientific Glacios 2 Cryo-TEM with the Thermo Scientific Falcon 4i Direct Electron Detector, Selectris X Imaging Filter, E-CFEG, and fringe-free imaging

Product Overview:

The Thermo Scientific™ E-CFEG, a low-energy-spread cold field emission source launched as a value added component for the company’s highest-powered 300kV cryo-transmission electron microscope (cryo-TEM), is now also an option for the 200kV Thermo Scientific Glacios™ 2 Cryo-TEM.

This expanded offering is designed to help propel accessibility to cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) techniques that boost resolution while maintaining ease-of-use and productivity capabilities. With a narrow energy spread to support high contrast images, the addition of the E-CFEG to the Glacios 2 Cryo-TEM enables near-atomic structural determination of complex proteins and macromolecules, and therefore, accelerated cryo-EM research and drug discovery processes using a lower accelerating voltage.

New data from Thermo Fisher Scientific using this combination demonstrates its ability to generate a 1.5 Å resolution structure of Apoferritin. This is currently the highest resolution structure generated from a commercially available cryo-TEM operating at 200kV.

In a package that reduces workflow complexity for users of various experience levels for single particle analysis, cryo-electron tomography and Micro-ED workflows, the platform add-on also includes AI-enabled algorithms for data collection and automated microscope alignments for increased ease of use to enable users to produce consistently excellent data.

Key Applications:

For structural biologists in biopharmaceutical and academic research who need high quality structural data at high throughput with more automation for improved efficiency and ease of use.


  • Powerful imaging potential to enable structure determination with improved resolution at <2A.
  • Rapid data acquisition and data analysis with automated features to steer data collection, reduce idle time and enable users of a wide range of expertise levels to obtain high quality cryo-EM data.
  • A smooth imaging experience with reduced effort due to a streamlined interface with built-in self-correction function to assist with microscope alignment and traffic light functionality for microscope readiness.

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