Torus Biosystems Previews Orbit PCR™ at IDWeek™

qPCR Redefined to Advance Research and Innovation

MEDFORD, Mass. – Torus Biosystems (“Torus” or the “Company”) today announced that it would be introducing Orbit PCR™ for Research Use Only (RUO) applications at IDWeek™ in Washington, DC. Using Orbit PCR, researchers can identify 300+ nucleic acid target sequences per sample within 30 minutes. Orbit PCR is possible due to the innovative integration of three technologies including free-flow qPCR, a wash-free pre-quenched microarray, and toehold probes.

“For biomedical and research laboratories that are studying disease causing pathogens, our Orbit PCR offers a tool for enabling pioneering research,” said Shawn Marcell, President & CEO, Torus Biosystems.  “The SNP discerning, high multiplex capability coupled with fast turnaround time represents a game changing advance in the field of infectious disease and antimicrobial resistance research.”

The Company plans to make Orbit PCR commercially available for Research Use Only in Q1 2023.

About Torus Biosystems

Torus Biosystems, a spinout from the Harvard Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, is on a mission to transform patient lives by delivering breakthrough innovations in infectious disease research and diagnostics. The Company is currently developing syndromic testing solutions based on the integration of novel technologies, including qPCR and microarray technologies, that enable rapid, quantitative, and highly multiplexed detection of microbial pathogens and resistance genes that ultimately lead to improved patient outcomes. Learn more about how Torus can help clinicians deliver better patient care, combat antibiotic resistance, and promote antimicrobial stewardship by visiting the website at and connecting on social media @Twitter and @LinkedIn.


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