Varian, Inc. Introduces Two Revolutionary New OMIX SPE Formats for Bioanalytical Sample Preparation

PALO ALTO, Calif., — Varian, Inc. (Nasdaq: VARI) today introduced two new OMIX(R) micro extraction solid phase extraction (SPE) formats for bioanalytical research that deliver improved performance and a faster, more streamlined sample preparation process. The first enables vacuum-free SPE processing of biofluid samples directly in the tip of a popular liquid-handling device. The second is a new micro-volume 96-well plate specifically designed to process small sample volumes.

Pharmaceutical and biopharma researchers are under tremendous pressure to accelerate new drug discovery and development. OMIX features a unique monolithic sorbent technology that allows for highly efficient extractions performed with low elution volumes, improving sample throughput and analytical quality.

The first new format, OMIX micro extraction pipette tips for TOMTEC(R)’s Quadra instruments, eliminates the need for vacuum processing and allows TOMTEC’s instruments to be used in a fully automated, walk-away capacity. For the first time SPE can be performed directly in the Quadra compatible pipette tips. This is possible only due to the bi-directional, clog-free flow properties of the OMIX monolithic media. As a result, sample clean-up is simplified and reproducibility is improved.

A second new format, OMIX 96-well plates, features the same small-bed micro processing capabilities in an SBS-compatible device which interfaces with standard 96-well liquid-handling equipment used in bioanalytical research. Analysts can reduce their elution volumes by a factor of up to 10 and still maintain equal or superior recoveries and reproducibility. This improvement offers significant throughput gains because direct injection of the small extracts achieved with OMIX eliminates the need for additional transfer and evaporation steps.

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