V&P Scientific Partners With Bioz to Provide Researchers With Validated Product Insights

Bioz, Inc., a leading AI software company based in Silicon Valley, is excited to announce its partnership with V&P Scientific, a prominent manufacturer of lab equipment and consumables. V&P’s products have been cited thousands of times by researchers around the world, with these mentions now being displayed within Bioz Badges on product pages throughout V&P’s website, along with a Content Hub, a standalone webpage for all of V&P’s product citations.

This partnership incorporates the innovative Bioz Badges and Bioz Content Hub into V&P Scientific’s website, supplying scientists with decision-making insights directly from within scientific publications. The interactive Bioz Badges display snippets from articles together with a range of filtering options, which allow users to easily identify optimal products for their research. The badges are dynamic, utilizing AI to automatically add the most recent article citations that mention V&P Scientific’s products. This ensures that scientists have access to the most current, unique, and effective products for their research.

“V&P Scientific has been at the forefront of research advancement with innovative devices and machines for decades,” states Dr. Karin Lachmi, Co-Founder and CRO of Bioz. Dr. Lachmi added that “this partnership has strengthened scientists’ decision-making by providing them with direct access to product citation data that is foundational for making effective research discoveries.”

“With the addition of interactive Bioz Badges, the validity of our products is further highlighted,” says Dr. Patrick Cleveland, Founder and CEO of V&P Scientific. Dr. Cleveland added that “both the Bioz Content Hub and individual Bioz Badges contribute to scientific breakthroughs by guiding our customers towards optimal V&P Scientific products for their research experiments. Moreover, with V&P Scientific’s extensive catalog of newly developed cutting-edge products, this collaboration with Bioz is a turning point for advancing discoveries in academia and industry alike.”

About Bioz, Inc.

Bioz is the world’s most advanced AI search engine for life science experimentation, with evidence-based product ratings and recommendations to guide scientists toward the most validated products for their experiments, which accelerates research toward new discoveries. Bioz solutions include Badges and Content Hubs that are placed on supplier websites to increase user engagement and sales conversion.

About V&P Scientific, Inc.

V&P Scientific is a leading provider of advanced laboratory equipment, offering a diverse range of products such as the SpinVessel for keeping cells and magnetic beads in uniform suspension, magnetic bead separation devices, stirring machines and stir elements, nano liter dispensing with pin tools, and aspiration and dispensing manifolds. With a commitment to the innovation of new cutting edge products, they cater to the evolving needs of life science researchers. Their precision instruments play a crucial role in enhancing efficiency and accuracy across various applications in biotechnology, pharmacology, genomics, molecular biology and basic science research.

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