Watchmaker Genomics Announces Launch of Cost-effective RNase Inhibitor for Single-cell, Single-nuclei, and Pathogen Detection Applications

BOULDER, Colo. — Watchmaker Genomics, a provider of innovative solutions for molecular analysis, announced the launch of a high-purity RNase Inhibitor that is well-suited for a wide range of applications where maintaining RNA integrity is critical, including single-cell and single-nuclei sequencing, as well as pathogen detection.

“We are pleased to bring our RNase Inhibitor to market,” said Sandra Rowe, Vice President of Marketing at Watchmaker. “We aim to be a partner for our customers and provide high-performing yet cost-effective solutions to allow for higher throughput and increased sensitivity.”

Key features of Watchmaker’s RNase Inhibitor include:

  • Robust protection against RNA degradation at elevated temperatures
  • High-quality performance at a competitive price point

The launch of the RNase Inhibitor complements Watchmaker’s Precision Enzymes portfolio, which includes the highly thermostable and inhibitor-tolerant StellarScript HT+ Reverse Transcriptase designed for sensitive pathogen detection assays.

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About Watchmaker Genomics

Watchmaker Genomics applies advanced enzymology to enable breakthrough applications for the reading, writing, and editing of DNA and RNA. The company combines domain expertise in protein engineering with large-scale enzyme manufacturing to address the demanding quality, performance, and scale requirements of high-growth clinical genomics applications. Watchmaker’s product portfolio includes enzymes and kits for next-generation sequencing, synthetic biology, and molecular diagnostics. For more information, please visit, follow Watchmaker Genomics on Twitter @WatchmakerGeno1 or find us on LinkedIn.

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