Scientists Recognize Life Science Tool Companies

How do scientists feel about their laboratory product suppliers? As BioInformatics Inc.’s 2018 Life Science Industry Awards® (LSIAs) confirm, scientists recognize the dedication and hard work of their suppliers in making science happen. BioInformatics Inc. is a research and advisory firm serving the life science industry and part of the Science and Medicine Group, which supports companies seeking to commercialize the rapidly changing marketplace at the intersection of science, medicine and technology.

The LSIAs recognize life science tool providers in 10 categories, celebrating companies’ outstanding performance in customer support, service and communications. “Innovation isn’t just found in the amazing new products your companies produce each year. It can also be found in the ways you communicate with your customers, how you guide them through their customer journey, and how you find new and better ways to support them,” declared Bill Kelly, president of BioInformatics Inc. “This kind of innovation in communications, service and support is what we salute in this year’s awards.”

The LSIAs were announced at a ceremony on November 6 at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego. With a rock n’ roll theme, the lively event captured the spirit of the LSIAs. Applause and cheers broke out as each winner was announced and category winners took the stage. “The amazing life transformations from a therapy often overshadows the fact that these discoveries resulted from the labors of small groups of dedicated scientists who themselves are supported by the relatively small number of companies that produce the ‘tools of science,” commented BioInformatics Inc. CEO Craig Overpeck.

Using BioInformatics Inc.’s Science Advisory Board (SAB), an online worldwide network of scientists and researchers, the LSIA nominees and winners were selected by two thousand scientists. The selection process was based the number of votes as well as follow-up questions to determine each voters level of conviction in their answer. Ten nominees were then narrowed down to 5 finalists with 3 winners selected–Category Winner, Gold Award Winner and Silver Award Winner–for each of the 10 categories. The awards are free of charge and decided by SAB members.

For more about the LSIAs, see BioInformatics Inc. Honors the “Rock Stars” of Life Science

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