Shimadzu releases library info for 235 compounds common in toxicology This system improves the efficiency of simultaneous LC/MS/MS analysis methods by allowing the user to start analysis without time-consuming steps such as consideration of separation conditions and MS parameter optimization. Rapid simultaneous analysis methods with analysis times under 15 mins are included for 235 compounds […]

Austin, TX  —  VUV Analytics Inc. announced today a significant accomplishment on their strategic roadmap with the publication of ASTM D8071 for the analysis of finished gasoline. This publication includes an updated precision statement and correlation equations for EPA referee methods, using the statistical technique to quantify bias defined in ASTM D6708.  The D02 committee […]

Shimadzu Corporation announces the release of SMCI system utilizing Shimadzu’s gas chromatography mass spectrometers (GC/MS). For structural analysis of compounds, molecular weight is essential information. Usually, GC/MS coupled with chemical ionization (CI) is used to obtain molecular weight information. However, CI requires the use of flammable gas. Shimadzu new ionization technology, SMCI (Solvent Mediated Chemical […]