Company Announcements Quantum announced in 2007 that it is now the exclusive distributor of Tekmar products in the western US. In February, Picarro and OI agreed to develop and market a carbon detection package for measuring carbon isotopes in environmental water and solid samples. Finesse Solutions opened a sales and service center in Northborough, Massachusetts, in March. It also converted its Irvine, California, facility into a service center. YSI announced that 2007 revenues grew 15%, and that half of the company’s sales are now outside the US. Earlier this year, the company opened an office in India, and it plans to open an Australian office later this year. In April, GE Water & Process Technologies acquired the assets of Sensicore, maker of the handheld WaterPOINT system. Sartorius Stedim Biotech and Metroglas, a Metrohm company, will exclusively supply a disposable integrated electrochemical pH sensor as an option for Sartorius’s single-use Fluid Management Technology portfolio. Product Introductions Sartorius introduced a new generation of Professional Meters, consisting of four meters, all of which measure pH, ORP and temperature. The PP-20 also measures conductivity, the PP-25 has an added ion analysis mode and the PP-50 is equipped for a broad range of applications. Hach Ultra launched the Anatel PAT700 online TOC analyzer, enabling pharmaceutical water release to be moved from the lab to the production floor. Hach released the Source Water Monitoring Panel for monitoring of up to six parameters of incoming water. Mettler-Toledo Ingold released the InPro 69990i Series of optical oxygen sensors for measuring DO in biopharmaceutical applications. Mettler-Toledo introduced the LiQC multiparameter system 2.0 for simultaneous determination of density, refractive index, pH/conductivity and color, featuring biometric user identification. Mettler-Toledo Ingold released the iSense Asset Management Suite for the maintenance, documentation and management of pH and DO sensors. Emerson Process Management launched the Rosemount Analytical PERpH-X 3500 pH and ORP sensor, featuring a wide range of mounting options. Analytical Technology released the A15/79 Total Chlorine Monitor for measuring residual chlorine in wastewater using a noncontact sensor. Aqua Diagnostic launched the PeCOD COD analyzer, which is based on photoelectrochemical oxidative degradation, in online, field and lab versions. Finesse Solutions introduced the TruFluor single-use optical DO measurement system utilizing phase fluorometric detection in real time. Oaktron released the pocked-sized multiparameter Testr 35-Series meters.

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