Life Science Instruments

Company Announcements

In April, Oxford Nanopore raised $41 million in new funding via a private placement of ordinary shares.

Dolomite signed a collaboration agreement to exclusively distribute Sphere Fluidics’ picodroplet products and to develop and sell new picodroplet products.

Pacific Biosciences announced in May a collaboration with the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in areas such as newborn screening for rare genetic disorders, infectious diseases and cancer.

In May, OpGen and the University of Maryland announced a collaboration to develop a database of high-quality, finished, annotated microbial sequences.

Raymond J. Whitaker, PhD, will resign from Fluidigm’s Board this year.

In May, diagnostics firm PositiveID acquired MicroFluidic Systems, a producer of automated systems for the detection and processing of biological samples, for $1.2 million and potential additional consideration based on sales and earnings.

In June, Life Technologies announced a sales and distribution agreement for Luminex’s MAGPIX instrument.

Product Introductions

TILL Photonics introduced the Intravital upright imaging platform for functional in vivo or intravital two photon imaging of live animals.

Plexera released the PlexArray HT System, a high-throughput, surface plasmon resonance–based biomolecular interaction detection system. It consists of the PlexArray Analyzer, PlexArray Sensor Chips with customizable microfluidic flow cell, and software.

PerkinElmer launched in April a Multispecies Imaging Module for larger animals for its Fluorescence Molecular Tomography In Vivo Imaging System.

Sofie Biosciences introduced the compact benchtop GENISYS4 small animal PET system, featuring novel Docking Station and Imaging Chamber designs.

In April, Pacific Biosciences began shipping the PacBio RS System. The third-generation DNA sequencer delivers read lengths of over one thousand bases on average. Results can be obtained in less than a day. Five units are initially being shipped.

In May, SAW Instruments launched the sam5 GREEN acoustic biosensor in the US. It is designed for routine applications.

Carestream Molecular introduced in May the Gel Logic 4000 PRO, a premium automated luminescent, UV-fluorescent and radio-isotopic imaging system.

Biometra released the compact BDA Live gel documentation system.

Life Technologies released LifeScope 2.0 Genomic Analysis Software for its 5500 SOLiD Series Genetic Analyzers, designed for secondary and tertiary data analysis.

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