Volume 32, Issue 19 (January 17, 2024): The IBO Forecast Issue

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The IBO 2024 Market Forecast

Life Science Instrumentation: A Bumpy Road Ahead

The Mass Spectrometry Market to Experience Slower Growth in 2024

Gloomy Market Pressures Chromatography

Lab Automation: End-Market Lethargy Mutes Software Growth Prospects

Surface Science Growth Slows on the Wings on Weakening China and Pharma Growth

Molecular Spectroscopy Bridges Contrasts: Understanding Pharma & Biotech Softness and Academic Growth

Atomic Spectroscopy: Market Favors Techniques with Broad Applications and Better Performance

Sample Preparation: Destocking Reins in Growth

Materials Characterization: Advanced Materials in the Driver’s Seat

Lab Equipment Markets to Move from Flat to Growth in 2024

End-Market Forecast: Pharma Begins its Recovery, Industrial Customers Cool

Regional Forecast: Asia (Excluding China and Japan) Offers Greatest Potential

2023 Trends and Developments

J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference 2024: Lab Tool Companies Provide Updates and Reflect on End-Market Strength

Executive Briefing

The latest on IIumina, Biotage, Dotmatics and more

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