Volume 32, Issue 24 (April 3, 2024)

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IBO Sales Indexes See Little Relief in Fourth Quarter and Full-Year 2023

A Disappointing US FY24 Budget for Science

Executive Briefing

The latest on Illumina, Specac, Synthego and more


Fourth Quarter Results: Bio-Rad Laboratories, Biotage, Bruker, MilliporeSigma and Revvity

IBO Stock Indexes Continue Positive Streak in March

Market Profile

Solid Phase Extraction

Industry Watch

R&D: RNA Sequencing

Chemicals: New Database for Plastic Chemicals

Clinical: Advances in At-Home Testing

Region Watch

China: Global Pharma Deals

EU: Microplastics Testing

UK: Non-Health Engineering Biology Infrastructure


Broad-Based Companies

Bioprocess Analysis

Process Analysis


Life Science Consumables

Gene-Based Analysis

Cell-Based Analysis

Protein-Based Analysis

Bottom Line

Companies’ latest reported financial results

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