In September, Strategic Directions International, IBO’s publisher, released the report, “Testing Before Tasting: Analytical Instrumentation for Food Applications.” The publication details analytical instrument demand, including market size and growth rates, for 12 categories of laboratory instruments, such as mass spectrometers and liquid chromatographs. In preparing the report, a survey of 135 food laboratories was conducted […]

Life science research and diagnostic tools firm Bio-Techne updated its latest progress and business plan at its investors’ day presentation earlier this month. The company has grown rapidly following the transition to new leadership in 2013. Among its most well-known product lines are proteins, antibodies, automated Western blotting instrumentation and hematology controls. For the fiscal […]

Over the past couple years, microscopy companies have been opening centers around the world to advance life science research. With the advent of applications such as precision medicine and immuno-oncology, this trend points towards rise in applications requiring researchers to examine microscopic targets on a much smaller scale. Technology advancements for fields such as neuroscience, […]

Despite Pfizer’s announcement in January to end its research for treatment of dementia, investments made this year in dementia R&D, particularly Alzheimer’s, a form of dementia, highlight the call for new investments for research to investigate and treat the syndrome. An estimated 50 million individuals suffer from dementia worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. The […]

The chemical industry accounted for 4%, or an estimated $2.2 billion, in sales of analytical instruments and laboratory products in 2017. As a result, chemical industry spending is an important component of the overall instrument market’s growth. Applications for analytical testing of chemical constituents and end-products include R&D and QA/QC. In Germany, the world’s third […]

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